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At Enterprise Connect we made a number of announcements about Cisco’s pervasive conferencing strategy and new solutions that caused quite a buzz at the show and are really resonating with our customers. More and more I talk to business leaders who understand the value of pervasive video collaboration and their next questions are:

Recently I spoke to my colleague, Richard Mullen, about how our new optimized conferencing infrastructure is supporting this explosion of video-enabled users. With flexible and intelligent resource pooling and orchestration enabling a tailored service model, we are delivering affordable personal HD multiparty conferencing at an equivalent of only a few dollars per user per month. Customers can transform their businesses by changing their approach from “how many video users do I need?’ to “I want — and can — bring video to everyone”.  I encourage you to watch our discussion:

To continue learning about these optimized conferencing infrastructure innovations and other new pervasive conferencing solutions, watch our March 19 Announcement Webcast on demand now. You’ll hear more about Cisco’s strategy and see demonstrations. Additionally, sign up for our live technical briefing with Q&A on April 16 where you can engage with Cisco product experts to delve into the features and architecture that differentiate these new solutions. Learn more and sign up now.


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