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Home for the Holidays

This is a big weekend for travel. In California alone (according to the California Automobile Association), more than 5 million people will travel somewhere for Thanksgiving, 83% by car, 11% by plane.I saw that on the news this morning and, being me, couldn’t help but think”how do we avoid all those greenhouse gas emissions?” No, I’m not suggestion you hold a WebEx or even TelePresence Thanksgiving dinner (though if your loved ones can’t be with you, it’s not a bad idea!). But I am suggesting that it made me think about what we can do once we’re full or turkey, bored of football and ready to send the family home.For the next month we’re all going to face lots of stress. Let’s see- I’m sure you are getting the regular missives from your finance department about how it’s time to cut back on expenses. There’s holiday (pick the one you celebrate) shopping to be done, and on what’s likely a bit more of a budget this yearThere’s more family to see (and to come visit)And the ever-present string of holiday parties you just can’t resist (or avoid!) going toOh, yea, there are your clients, partners and suppliers to take care of -and they’re getting more and more demanding too. Here’s one thing you can do: cancel your travel. Spend time with your family. Go to the parties. Save your boss some money. Oh, yea, and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions while you’re at it. (meet with your clients and partners on-line, and meet with them twice as much -they’ll love you for the attention and you’ll love the time you saved!)Come January 1, we’ll all be making new year’s resolutions. Many of our businesses will be focused on cutting costs, fostering innovation and reducing environmental impact. What will you be doing to support that? And why wait until January 1 -start now and set the example for your team.Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Thanks Jeff!You just reminded me it's time to start thinking about Christmas gifts. I am always forgetting until the last minute, and since many of my relatives live overseas that can be a very expensive error.I think that when Toffler pointed out in The Third Wave the dehumanizing aspects of the disintegration of the social circle, he hadn't anticipated the potential developments of services such as video chat or tele-presence. Still I think people simply enjoy travel. It's a break from monotony. Until virtual services can improve on that essential human emotion you'll always have to settle for a second-best relegation.