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Showcasing Cisco’s Richardson Data Center at Cisco Live 2010

At Cisco Live 2010 in Barcelona last month, Cisco IT’s Rich Gore spoke with Donald De Witte of the Cisco Data Center Networks blog about our production data center in Richardson, Texas. As Rich noted, the technologies and IT architecture inside the Richardson data center (normally closed to the public) are shared in the Cisco IT Data Center Experience, an interactive virtual tour.  If you haven’t seen the virtual data center tour, be sure to check it out.

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Top Tips for Managing a Cisco Unified Personal Communicator Upgrade

Earlier this year, Cisco IT offered internal users a new version of the Cisco Unified Personal Communicator application that includes the very useful “click-to-conference” feature.

Because this application is very popular among users for managing their communications, we knew the upgrade should be rolled out in a controlled way to minimize disruptions.

Here are our top three tips for Cisco customers who are planning a similar upgrade:


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Borderless Networks: Supporting the Business at Our Branch Offices

Gone are the days when business operations were primarily concentrated at  headquarters. Today, branch offices are the lifeblood of any global business and Cisco is no different. In this short video, Jawahar Sivasankaran from the IT Customer Strategy & Success group explores some of the business trends driving branch office business architectures at Cisco and some of the technology architectures that Cisco IT is using to meet these requirements.

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Encouraging User Adoption of New Tools

Our customers might expect that whenever Cisco releases a new product for individual users, it gets deployed immediately and then is pushed out to all company employees. Well, that isn’t always the case.  First, Cisco IT doesn’t have the budget to pay the internal price for all the Cisco products that we’d really like to deploy.  And second, Cisco employees can pick and choose which tools they want to use, and they don’t always use every tool we provide.

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More on Cisco Internal WAAS Implementation

In this short follow-on to my last blog post, I wanted to provide a little more detail on Cisco’s strategy, design and results for deploying WAN optimization as part of our Data Center/Virtualization and next generation remote office IT strategy.

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