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Encouraging User Adoption of New Tools

Our customers might expect that whenever Cisco releases a new product for individual users, it gets deployed immediately and then is pushed out to all company employees. Well, that isn’t always the case.  First, Cisco IT doesn’t have the budget to pay the internal price for all the Cisco products that we’d really like to deploy.  And second, Cisco employees can pick and choose which tools they want to use, and they don’t always use every tool we provide.

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More on Cisco Internal WAAS Implementation

In this short follow-on to my last blog post, I wanted to provide a little more detail on Cisco’s strategy, design and results for deploying WAN optimization as part of our Data Center/Virtualization and next generation remote office IT strategy.

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Configuration Management: What’s Your Approach?

January 27, 2010 at 12:00 pm PST

Device configuration management can be a complicated beast. Have you tamed it? Do your IT policies enforce archive retention periods, audit trails, security compliance, or secure transfer methods? Do your change management policies mandate the ability to quickly perform configuration rollback?

Whether you’ve got configuration management licked or whether you’re lucky to remember to execute “copy run start,” we would like to gain a better understanding of the approach you’ve taken to device configuration management.

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Cisco Internal WAAS Implementation

WAN Optimization is an important part of Cisco IT’s infrastructure strategy.

Cisco IT has been implementing Cisco Wide Area Application Services, creating strong alignment between its Data Center and Borderless Networking architectures, while delivering a superior end user experience with Collaboration and Business applications.

In this blog, we provide a quick update on Cisco IT’s deployment of WAAS, and the progress and benefits of the solution. A case study update will be posted as follow on, and provide more details/results on our internal deployment.

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More from the UC Sleuth: Resolving Intermittent Problems with Unity Voicemail

My last blog described how Cisco IT resolved an intermittent availability problem resulting from a hung Unity voicemail port. Here’s another example of an intermittent problem, this one related to call quality.

For more than a year our global technical response center (GTRC) received occasional calls from Cisco users with voicemail issues. These users reported that the system didn’t recognize their key entries, or just mysteriously disconnected them.

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