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Cisco Data Center 2011-Texas: Study Says 60 Percent of Employees Can Work Remotely. Can Your Construction Vendor?

According to the recent Cisco Connected World Report, three out of five employees believe they don’t need to be in the office to be productive or efficient at their jobs.  Yet 45 percent of IT departments are feeling challenged to provide the mobile, distributed access that workers want. This challenge crosses company sizes, countries and industries, but is especially notable in fields like construction that have traditionally required in-person engagement. Like many IT organizations that must partner with their facilities counterparts, Cisco IT works closely with Cisco Workplace Resources (WPR) and its construction vendors. In our new Texas Data Center 2 (DC2) project, we’re learning that productivity gains for our partners and vendors are gains for us too.

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Collaboration is Hot … Very Hot: Deployment

How do you get started deploying collaboration?

In my meetings with Cisco customers, I find that companies have moved beyond asking “what is collaboration?” to “how do I get started?”

Corporate executives at the most senior levels are at a point where they understand the value of collaboration, how this will transform how we work and how IT really does deliver “services” (I’ll fully address the value proposition of collaboration in a later blog – stay tuned for that).

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Find the Right Person, Solve Customer Problems Faster

Given the complexity of enterprise networks, solving a problem reported by a customer can often mean drawing on the expertise of multiple Cisco support engineers (SEs). But with more than 2,300 Cisco SEs worldwide, we needed to give them online tools for finding colleagues who know the right information and are available right now to offer help.

We developed these tools in the form of a “Find an Expert” application, which allows the engineers to identify and collaborate with experts who match the skills they require to solve tough customer problems. The application shows a detailed view of each expert’s skills, then provides collaboration buttons that are implemented in the internally developed case-management applications also used by the busy Cisco SEs. Read More »

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Collaboration is Hot … Very Hot: Cisco’s Approach

Why is Cisco’s approach to collaboration different?

If you’ve been following the trends in collaboration, you know that several technology companies have developed various forms of collaboration solutions. As I’ve said in my previous blog, Cisco’s solution to collaboration is Cisco Quad which is an approach rooted in communications (stemming from our core competency in unified communication) and video (another area of our expertise is in video conferencing and services). We believe it’s this killer combination of communications and video that will ultimately best define and drive collaboration and, of course, include the ability to access text and content along the way.

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Cisco Data Center 2011-Texas: Dynamic or Static UPS?

Cisco’s existing production data center in Texas has 1920 batteries protecting IT loads in the event of a utility power failure. Our Texas Data Center 2 (DC2) will have zero.  Running at around 3000 rpm to generate 480V (60Hz) of electricity, the dynamic rotary UPS system will provide Texas DC2 with efficient, reliable backup power that’s both planet friendly and a sound investment.  And if you read more below, I’ll tell you why.

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