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Upgrading the Call Routing Systems for Contact Centers

Cisco maintains a dedicated infrastructure of call systems to serve the company’s 110 contact centers worldwide. Our infrastructure includes two Cisco Unified Intelligent Contact Management Enterprise (ICME) systems for global call routing and six Cisco Unified Communications Manager (UCM) systems for call handling within a region or a strategic company location.  

We have a lot of different contact center teams and, over the years, we weren’t consistent in the way we upgraded the Cisco UCM software at each of the sites, which led to several problems:

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Cisco TelePresence: 550 Percent ROI for Cisco

By now, many people have had a glimpse of Cisco TelePresence, whether in the workplace or on Fox Network’s television show 24. Cisco TelePresence creates a live, face-to-face communication experience, with ultra high video and audio quality that makes it seem like you’re meeting in-person. You can hear a subtle change in voice tone or see a skeptical look as well as you could if you were sitting across the desk. The in-person experience makes interactions much more effective because around 60 percent of communications comes from body language, which you just can’t see on small, low-definition video window.

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IT as a Service: Building a Partnership Between Business and IT

Is your company’s IT budget shrinking while the IT department is expected to deliver the same level of quality and services? Are you looking for ways to allocate IT resources that are more consistent with business needs? Would you like to improve productivity and efficiency inside IT and reduce IT spending?

If the answer to any of these questions is “Yes,” you might want to consider the merits of moving your IT organization to a services-centric model such as IT as a Service (ITaaS). This is the model Cisco IT is moving toward.

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Cisco Data Center 2011: What Is a Metro Virtual Pair?

Metro Virtual Pair

As part of our six-year vision to implement a planet-friendly, service-oriented IT infrastructure for our internal customers, Cisco has been consolidating data centers and gradually migrating functions and applications into a cloud architecture.  In our Bangalore, India and Richardson, Texas virtual tours, we discuss how consolidation, convergence, and virtualization of network, compute, and storage resources are improving efficiency by reducing OpEx and CapEx, while increasing availability.  In our new facility under construction, which we call Texas Data Center 2, or DC2, we are taking these incremental steps to the next level with a fully virtualized, cloud-based site that will complete the first of what we call a “metro virtual pair.”

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Cisco Data Center 2011: Journey to a Greenfield Data Center

Like many companies today, Cisco is charting its course to cloud computing while addressing greenhouse gas reductions.  In the next step of our migration strategy, Cisco is building a virtualized, planet-friendly production data center facility in the Dallas, Texas metropolitan area.

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