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Business Video at Cisco: Our Not-So-Secret Strategy

Business video is playing an increasingly visible role in our strategy for efficiency, effectiveness, and trust building at Cisco.

 Efficiency refers to making our existing business processes faster, less expensive, or both. Replacing some of my business trips with videoconferencing and Cisco TelePresence, for example, has reduced my travel costs and reduced the unproductive time I spend in airports and planes. And recording a high-definition video in the nearest Cisco TelePresence room instead of a professional studio saves travel time and studio rental fees.

 Effectiveness, in contrast, refers to getting a better outcome.

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Real-Time Unified Communications – Inside Cisco

Productivity gains have slowed in most companies, which makes it all the more exciting for Cisco that we’ve found a way for employees to get 5 to 10 percent more out of each day. Our strategy is using unified communications technologies that trim minutes from how long it takes to reach coworkers.  As recently as 2008, reaching a coworker often took multiple attempts, including dialing multiple phone numbers, leaving voicemail, and instant messaging. After finally connecting, which could easily take five minutes, we’d have to spend more time launching a separate application for video and web sharing.  Since we introduced integrated clients in 2008, we’ve advanced by light years….. want to learn more about the solutions we use?

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Experience What Collaboration Is Doing for Cisco

Cisco IT Collaboration Experience

This week, Cisco on Cisco launched a new interactive environment that brings you inside Cisco to see firsthand the tangible business value of collaboration, unified communications, and video in a real-world enterprise.

The Cisco IT Collaboration Experience includes more than 30 embedded Flash videos. In a visually rich, easy-to-navigate environment, you can see how global Cisco Manufacturing, Sales, Engineering, and Human Resources teams are using new collaboration and unified communications tools to work faster, easier, and more productively.

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Capacity Planning at Cisco

 Capacity planning depends on accurate measurement; but what you do with the measurements depends on the service, the region, and where your business is going.  Here’s how we do it, and what we expect to be facing in the future.

 Measuring WAN circuit capacity depends on the circuit design at each branch office.   Standard Cisco architecture for any WAN connection is a primary and a secondary WAN circuit.  For most sites, where available and cost effective, the two circuits are the same size and we load balance across the two.  Sometimes however, to reduce costs we provide a smaller backup circuit, and assume that some of the traffic will not be served during the short time of a primary WAN link outage (video conferencing may stop, voice may go out the voice gateway, etc.).  Capacity planning gets done on the primary circuit.

 There are not many tools available for doing capacity planning, and not much automation that has grown up around that process.   Mostly, we use 3 different homegrown reports for this.  The first of these reports remain the same from our earlier capacity-planning days; the second helps us deal with transient peak traffic; and the third helps us look at service levels.

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The Rise of Social Video at Cisco

 Video takes enterprise and social networking to a whole new level. Video is at the heart of our collaboration strategy at Cisco. If an executive wants everyone to congratulate a team on a great job or explain the reasons for a new policy, email can be a little pale. The message is clearer and more powerful when we can hear the person’s voice and see their facial expressions.

 To make it very easy to use video for internal communications and collaboration, Cisco IT introduced Cisco Show and Share, in February 2010. Show and Share is a social video system, like a YouTube for the enterprise. Cisco employees go to our Show and Share portal to easily create, edit, and publish their own videos and video communities, right from their desktop. This is a powerful tool that also optimizes global enterprise video collaboration using the intelligence in the network.


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