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Cisco Data Center 2011: What Is a Metro Virtual Pair?

Metro Virtual Pair

As part of our six-year vision to implement a planet-friendly, service-oriented IT infrastructure for our internal customers, Cisco has been consolidating data centers and gradually migrating functions and applications into a cloud architecture.  In our Bangalore, India and Richardson, Texas virtual tours, we discuss how consolidation, convergence, and virtualization of network, compute, and storage resources are improving efficiency by reducing OpEx and CapEx, while increasing availability.  In our new facility under construction, which we call Texas Data Center 2, or DC2, we are taking these incremental steps to the next level with a fully virtualized, cloud-based site that will complete the first of what we call a “metro virtual pair.”

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Cisco Data Center 2011: Journey to a Greenfield Data Center

Like many companies today, Cisco is charting its course to cloud computing while addressing greenhouse gas reductions.  In the next step of our migration strategy, Cisco is building a virtualized, planet-friendly production data center facility in the Dallas, Texas metropolitan area.

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Dual-Mode Phones: Challenges for an enterprise deployment


Mobile calls can be expensive.  Still, in business environments it’s common to see people on their mobile phones, standing next to a (very low cost) corporate IP phone. It makes you want to merge those two:  to bring together the convenience of mobile phones with the low cost of a corporate phone network.  Dual mode phones do just that.  But, as Cisco IT is finding out, it’s not an easy job to get the best of both worlds.

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Business Video at Cisco: Our Not-So-Secret Strategy

Business video is playing an increasingly visible role in our strategy for efficiency, effectiveness, and trust building at Cisco.

 Efficiency refers to making our existing business processes faster, less expensive, or both. Replacing some of my business trips with videoconferencing and Cisco TelePresence, for example, has reduced my travel costs and reduced the unproductive time I spend in airports and planes. And recording a high-definition video in the nearest Cisco TelePresence room instead of a professional studio saves travel time and studio rental fees.

 Effectiveness, in contrast, refers to getting a better outcome.

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Real-Time Unified Communications – Inside Cisco

Productivity gains have slowed in most companies, which makes it all the more exciting for Cisco that we’ve found a way for employees to get 5 to 10 percent more out of each day. Our strategy is using unified communications technologies that trim minutes from how long it takes to reach coworkers.  As recently as 2008, reaching a coworker often took multiple attempts, including dialing multiple phone numbers, leaving voicemail, and instant messaging. After finally connecting, which could easily take five minutes, we’d have to spend more time launching a separate application for video and web sharing.  Since we introduced integrated clients in 2008, we’ve advanced by light years….. want to learn more about the solutions we use?

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