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Dinosaur Water And Data Centers

I love it when a small discovery causes me think about the big picture.

I’ve been researching water-related factoids for this week’s Data Center Deconstructed video on hydropower.  Along the way, I uncovered this tidbit from the U.S. Geological Survey: Read More »

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Collaboration is Hot … Flawless Delivery of Our Annual Cisco Global Sales Meeting

Cisco IT constantly strives to improve how employees work by using our collaboration technologies. A perfect example of this is our global sales experience (GSX), a major internal conference for sales employees, which took place last week.  This was an outstanding showcase of our collaboration technologies delivering a world-class global sales experience. And, of course, it demonstrated how we can deliver IT capabilities across the entire life cycle of design through load testing for four days across 24 time zones.  We truly produced an “always on” 24/7 event which, combined with incredibly inspirational content, made it the BEST ever!  Read More »

A Reporter’s Least Favorite Story

When I worked as a newspaper reporter, there was one type of story my fellow writers and I always dreaded.

Weather stories.  I’m not talking about covering a major event like a tornado threatening the region or about investigating the impact of a drought on the local agriculture industry.  Those are compelling stories and we were glad to do them. Read More »

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GE Brings Social Collaboration to Life with “Colab”

One of the great aspects of my role here at Cisco is the opportunity to work directly with Cisco customers as an executive sponsor on their collaboration technologies.

One company in particular, General Electric (GE), has been a true thought leader and is leading the way in collaboration. Read More »

A Current Affair: Data Center Power Options

What would you do if the next time you drove your car, you noticed a small amount of fuel leaking from it?  What if all cars on the road had similar leaks?

Read More »

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