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The 5-5-5 Rule That Helps Cisco Outsource IT Implementation Successfully

Almost every weekend, Cisco implements 25-30 projects upgrading our core network infrastructure, involving sites around the world. These network projects run from simple office moves and partner connections to complex technology upgrades and acquisition integrations. They also include all the changes that are part of the Cisco IT fleet management program, where we regularly review the network infrastructure at each of our 500+ sites for needed upgrades, and schedule the upgrade cycles. This upgrading work is distributed, detailed, and involves repeatable processes, which makes it ideal for outsourcing:  but there are tricks to handing off responsibility while maintaining extremely high standards.

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A Shameless Plug: The Art of the Data Center

One of the first things many companies do at the start of a Data Center project is look around to see what other companies have done.  Wouldn’t it be great to have a book that showcases innovative Data Centers and has insights from the people who designed and operate them?

I thought so, too.

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Collaboration is Hot … A Report from Collaboration Summit

Coming to you from downtown Los Angeles at L.A. Live, site of the 2012 Collaboration Summit.  I’m finishing up three days of leading the Summit’s Customer Forum. We kicked off Sunday, hosting over 30 customers from nearly every vertical – healthcare, financial services, consumer products, manufacturing, entertainment, aviation, oil and energy, architecture, law, government and higher education. Read More »

WebEx Social Is Here

This last weekend Cisco launched the new implementation of our enterprise collaboration platform, Cisco WebEx Social and what an exciting update it is! Read More »

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Collaboration is Hot … Cisco Upgrades to Cisco WebEx Social!

If you’ve been following my blog, you are familiar with the collaboration journey that Cisco has been taking over the past three years.  We launched our initial version of our collaboration platform, known then as the Integrated Workforce Experience powered by Cisco Quad, back in November 2010. Several releases have occurred since that time.  But, this week, we believe we have truly crossed the threshold with our upgrade to WebEx Social – with a new name, new look and new experience for all Cisco employees globally. Read More »