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Our customers might expect that whenever Cisco releases a new product for individual users, it gets deployed immediately and then is pushed out to all company employees. Well, that isn’t always the case.  First, Cisco IT doesn’t have the budget to pay the internal price for all the Cisco products that we’d really like to deploy.  And second, Cisco employees can pick and choose which tools they want to use, and they don’t always use every tool we provide.

Consider the example of Cisco Unified Personal Communicator, a desktop client application that integrates many features to help users communicate easily and efficiently. Although it is an appealing product, it has been adopted only by about 25 percent of Cisco employees worldwide. This may seem to be a very low adoption rate, but there are a variety of reasons behind the number:

Read more details in this article: Launching Click-to-Connect Conferencing for Cisco Unified Personal Communicator

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