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Congratulations on a great first year for your Data Center Deconstructed blog.

I say yours because you choose the subject matter through the questions you submit.  Sure, I do the writing and video production but really I’m just the chauffer.  My hands are on the steering wheel; you decide where we go.

As we come to the end of the road that is 2011, let’s check the rearview mirror and see the most popular stops along our path.  Here are the Data Center Deconstructed topics that garnered the most attention this year:

Honorable mention goes to 8 Simple Rules For Improving a Data Center.  Filled with helpful operational tips, this video was posted just last month but is already becoming one of the most widely viewed Data Center Deconstructed entries. 

What’s in store for 2012?   Reader questions,  live blogging from a Data Center conference, more reader questions, an opportunity to meet The Ultimate Data Center Manager, and -- you guessed it -- still more reader questions!

Best wishes for the new year.

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