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Cisco IT constantly strives to improve how employees work by using our collaboration technologies. A perfect example of this is our global sales experience (GSX), a major internal conference for sales employees, which took place last week.  This was an outstanding showcase of our collaboration technologies delivering a world-class global sales experience. And, of course, it demonstrated how we can deliver IT capabilities across the entire life cycle of design through load testing for four days across 24 time zones.  We truly produced an “always on” 24/7 event which, combined with incredibly inspirational content, made it the BEST ever! 

First, let me share with you a few statistics we think are impressive: nearly 17,000 attendees participated from 88 cities, in 291 viewing rooms with 112 unique TelePresence endpoints and 51 global Cisco TV sessions.  Our team did an amazing job, raising the bar on event execution by delivering a flawless experience globally. As a participant, I can say it was the most impactful – a sentiment that was shared by the many of the attendees.

What’s even more impressive were the number of mobile participants: 4,151 sales employees joined via mobile devices. And the meeting was also an outstanding showcase of our Jabber technology, with 7007 Jabber chats and a Jabber question-and-answer session that consisted of 3500+ unique questions. 

Here are some of the comments we received about our collaboration technology:

And, of course, while nothing ever beats attending an event in person, our collaboration technology certainly offers a rich, robust experience – offering convenience, flexibility, community, two-way dialogue and engagement.

Definitely a true example of collaboration:  the convergence of mobile, social, virtual and video!




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