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6 Essential Data Center White Papers

I spoke at my son’s school for Career Day a couple of years ago.  I talked about my time as a newspaper reporter and basic news writing principles such as the five Ws, attribution and the inverted pyramid.  There’s a chance I’ll return this year to talk about being a Data Center manager, which has me pondering what Data Center basics to cover.

If you had to explain Data Center fundamentals to a newcomer, what would you talk about?  Availability?  Power density?  The fact that everything people do online is enabled by a Data Center somewhere?

I might not be a newspaper reporter anymore but I still believe in attribution so I intend to have documentation for each of the concepts I present.  Here are the six white papers and case studies I consider essential reading for anyone who wants to learn about key Data Center concepts and issues.

Do you agree?  What other papers, if any, would you recommend?

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