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Thirsty Thursdays – Drink in some fresh content
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Thirsty Thursdays – Drink in some fresh content

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My first appearance and work on BizWiseTV now showing up – we just released “Collaboration, bridging the productivity gap” where we addressed collaborative innovation in three different vertical areas – retail, healthcare and manufacturing. We had some great guests on that show, Big Thank You out to Curtis Foster from our Retail team, his guest from Reflexis, Rich Lewis, Dan Knight from our Manufacturing team and Frances Dare, a fellow Texan and extremely sharp healthcare expert from our IBSG – Internet Business Solutions Group. Let me know what you think of the show.And in podcast news, two new shows out today – Jimmy Ray and I talked about ‘Traffic Flow Engineering” for our podcast released today, audio only. On the BizWise podcast side, we released a pretty good interview I did with Dan Knight, Senior VP of Product Development for Webex. He some very interesting insight into the true, but often confusing nature of enabling collaboration. Its not about personal productivity he said, its about business process improvement. He was putting this in the framework of their new Webex Connect product but I think you will find great alignment with your opportunities even if you have not tried it out yet.

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