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It Really is Disruptive. That’s a Good Thing.

imageDawn of the New Data Center’ launches this Thursday (April 9), as episode 43 for TechWiseTV and by all indications this looks to be our latest Data Center show. The timing of this show remains right on the mark I believe as many are apparently still struggling: You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it. (can you name the movie reference?).A Brief History of TimeAfter months of speculation the rumors were rampant as Cisco finally came out with the details on March 16 with the latest set of technologies to leverage the incredibly popular acronym ‘UC’ as the Cisco UCS was revealed to the world. The ‘Unfied Computing System’ successfully kicked off fresh rounds of idiocy as wanna be industry pundits continued to miss the point. Details continued to emerge as Intel finally announced their own worst kept secret and released the Nehalem ‘Microarchitecture’ (not to be confused with ‘marketecture’) on March 30. Now that these two dates have passed, one would think that the proverbial ‘reading of the manual’ would have occurred by now but alas it has not. And that’s ok…there is actually quite a bit to absorb. Read More »

Failed Impulse

I still don’t have an iPhone…but I do still have that early iPAQ 3635 with the expansion sleeve that was all the rage. I have a passion for communication, technology and productivity. I really enjoy learning new technology and figuring out how it can best be applied to a given problem. As for the intersection of technology, communication and individual productivity, I am fascinated by the opportunities available to us today as it is literally an embarrassment of riches. The result of this however is that our biggest problem in this part of the world is NOT the lack of information but its how best to sift through it, quickly determine relevance and still get something done. Most people don’t understand enough about their own personal processes to truly evaluate the potential effectiveness of a given set of options or technologies. It is easy to be oversold on a gadget or tool that looks to be yet again the answer to a problem that you (as an individual or a company) just know that you have. So you buy it… And you get fired up for a period of time and perhaps some progress is made..but at some point, its gets difficult to maintain because the process was not accurately identified and/or considered before, during or after the impulsive decision. This little manifesto is true of myself as it for the many organizational decisions I have either participated in or been witness to. I have shelves of gadgets and software packages that represent a dire need I had at some point in time but that somehow failed to get worked into my process. As for the organization equivalent, I can see how often the true cost of a new technology may fail to be considered because the easy part is cutting the purchase order…the harder part is taking full consideration for the culture, infrastructure and shared objectives that can make or break a key project. I have been purposefully void of actual examples here. But how about you? What would you cite as your favorite ‘failed impulse’ either personally or organizationally? What has really worked for you? (Any GTD fans.. 😉 ?

Conficker Bot Technical Discussion Today

For those of you who did not make it to our live discussion today…we did two of them, one on Conficker and the other on the new Data Center Technologies. Our good friend Josh Stephen’s from Solar Winds joined in the lively discussion. You can listen via our TalkShoe player here…be sure and check past episodes if you are not getting the one you want. We will be adding new topics every week. If you already get our iTunes feed, you would get these there as well. Johanna Fry added some great info on Conficker worm on the DigitALL consumer blog. Jimmy Ray referenced some good sights to check out:Basic InfoMust have Microsoft ToolsMicrosoft’s Malicious Software Removal Tool Microsoft’s DefenderAdvanced:Conficker analysis and tools Microsoft tips for variant B and BNMAP (NMAP ver4.85Beta5) latest conficker detection Use command string: nmap -PN -T4 -p139,445 -n -v –script=smb-check-vulns–script-args safe=1 [targetnetworks] Bounty Hunter:250K for ya if you can catch the original author

Great Discussion on Unified Computing in the Data Center

We did a live podcast on our TalkShoe channel today to discuss some of the misperceptions around what Cisco is doing new in the data center. Are we getting into blades? Are we just plumbers trying to build a whole house? Is just ‘me too’ technology where we are late to the game? Bryan Schwarz, one of the technical development engineers from our team that came over from Nuova joined our good friend from ePlus, Colin McNamara. Colin had some great input from his perspective, curious if you guys agree? Take a listen:Be sure and check out our full TechWiseTV show next week, April 9 – we take the lid off this UCS thing and play with all the goodness.

What is Single Number Reach?

How many phone numbers do you have? Why are people still trying to figure out whether to call your desk or your mobile phone or your home…etc. Should they not just call YOU? I asked my friend Mike Coffin to give me a run down of the technology…both from the ‘what do I have to do’ perspective as well as the ‘what is happening behind the scenes.’ Let me know what you think. I like the idea of chasing down user questions….let me know if there is something special you’d like to see? Robb