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The Real Data Center Story on UCS

The Cisco Unified Computing System has a fascinating history that highlights the genius of multiple icons of networking from Vmware, to Sun and to multiple Cisco acquisitions dating all the way back through the Andiamo acquisition. David Lawler was a very early contributor to Nuova Systems which grew quickly to become the defining products of the Cisco Nexus family now poised to revolutionize the data center. David chatted with us just prior to the latest round of enhancements so we could catch up on the history, the memory enhancements and the incredible number of people who are still publishing inane comments cause they can’t wrap their head around the innovation. (David was much nicer than that…my comment only 😉 Robb)

What is SIP?

Funny little bit from the archives – as CiscoLive! is fast approaching…Jimmy Ray and I are considering a new voice show on the incredible number of new SIP capabilities in Call Manager 7…I was reminded of this little ditty from October of 2007…it was episode 25….

Long Distance Relationships can Work…for Your Data Centers

We had another live podcast taping for TechWiseTV today and learned a few new things about Data Center Interconnect or as people in the know say: DCI. Amit Singh is a technical engineer who agreed to join us and he was a wealth of information. In fact, we were able to witness one of those rare times where Jimmy Ray is legitimitally surprised with new technology advances. Our primary focus for the conversation was how to deal with data center applications that are demanding a move back to layer 2 and how we can connect geographically disperse DC’s at that layer. We were about halfway into the conversation when the ability to do 802.1AE MacSec encryption took him over the edge. We all get fired up when things head back in a security oriented direction but this is one that Jimmy Ray admitted to being stumped by when trying to tackle it as his previous employer. Turns out he now works for a company that knows how to make stuff work! Give it a listen:

Protocol Fuzzing with Jimmy Ray

Jimmy Ray allows one of his hacking classes to get off topic but loves the result. New blog entry from our favorite geek over at Network World on Protocol Fuzzing. Updated – I missed a chance to recommend Jimmy Ray’s explanation of the role the MTA plays in helping you quickly spot SPAM email – check out The Fine Art of SPAM Detection

It Really is Disruptive. That’s a Good Thing.

imageDawn of the New Data Center’ launches this Thursday (April 9), as episode 43 for TechWiseTV and by all indications this looks to be our latest Data Center show. The timing of this show remains right on the mark I believe as many are apparently still struggling: You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it. (can you name the movie reference?).A Brief History of TimeAfter months of speculation the rumors were rampant as Cisco finally came out with the details on March 16 with the latest set of technologies to leverage the incredibly popular acronym ‘UC’ as the Cisco UCS was revealed to the world. The ‘Unfied Computing System’ successfully kicked off fresh rounds of idiocy as wanna be industry pundits continued to miss the point. Details continued to emerge as Intel finally announced their own worst kept secret and released the Nehalem ‘Microarchitecture’ (not to be confused with ‘marketecture’) on March 30. Now that these two dates have passed, one would think that the proverbial ‘reading of the manual’ would have occurred by now but alas it has not. And that’s ok…there is actually quite a bit to absorb. Read More »