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Episode 45 – Crime Still Pays – Show Notes


 This show airs on Thursday, May 21 @ 10 AM PST.Register Now!Check out the preview:


 One of the first things you may notice about this show is that we did it 100% at the RSA conference…that is new for us and I was initially concerned about our ability to deliver the detail we would normally. It was certainly different, I could not always hear, Jimmy Ray and I juggle a bit physically with guests on the stage – but I really liked that JR could work with the plasma and physically walk us through what he was speaking to.  It really makes me want to push harder on how we can improve our whiteboarding technology on the show.  I think Valerie St. John did an outstanding job with her usual ‘classing up.’

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So what all did we/will we cover? Read More »

Switching Kitchen

There relatively few things that Jimmy Ray enjoys more than fishing. He LOVES anything having to do with routing and switching. Switching Kitchen is a great concept from one of our sister marketing teams on the switching side – Victoria Sanchez and Rob Sloan on that team have created the concept and pushed it through. Reminds me of a deluxe version of Jimmy Ray’s popular ‘Turn It On’ segments that he did with Jog Mahal. These are fantastic bite sized (pun intended?) morsels of networking wisdom delivered in a very entertaining fashion. You really must check these out– very impressive. I know JR is having a great time making these….what subjects would you like to see him hit? Let us know….

Big Event Marketing – Taking it to the Next Level

imageWe are almost at the 3 year mark for TechWIseTV and Jimmy Ray and I could not be more surprised. There is always the very real fear that when you embark upon a program like we did that you risk getting into something that may not last. Good ideas come and go and marketing teams can often be guilty of chasing the shiny ‘next thing.’ To the credit of the people that created our team and the perserverance of a great group of people behind the scenes who have helped to track and continually improve our ROI…we not only remain an active team but we are still growing and pushing. International expansion is the biggest new focus we scramble to provide demand marketing services to our top 13 foreign markets in a way that not only scales our expertise but does so in a complimentary and familiar way so we are not simply forcing them to listen to these two Southerners talk tech. More on this in later posts.The point of this entry today – what can or should be done next? The international expansion is largely a challenge of distribution, localization and buy-in. The team behind us is doing a good job with this. Jimmy Ray and I are forever concerned with not getting stale. We have a good rhythm right now producing almost 50 shows…but I don’t want that gentle rhythm to get too comfortable. One thing both of us miss…and it was highlighted with the success of our appearance at RSA last week is the energy of a live audience. Working with cameras has and continues to be a great development skill. But we miss being in front of and being able to interact with people. It took me 3 years to slowly convince our security marketing team to let us ‘run the stage’ on the expo floor – last week we finally got to do it. Although the experience taught me a few things that I want to do differently…I think it was very successful. RSA was a blast – JR and I LOVE security… but the big show for us (especially based on our audience focus) is CiscoLive! (formerly Networkers).Why do we love CiscoLive? Read More »

Is SIP Trunking the next big thing?

I enjoy following Eric Kapf as I get his emails/blog entries for VoiceCon eNews. This time is no exception. He asserts in his latest post (The Mystery of SIP Trunking) that SIP Trunking is a much bigger deal than anyone is noticing right now. He points to some strong anecdotal evidence that includes a session on this topic being one of the most well attended at VoiceCon plus a few other indicators. Short and sweet article (longer than this reference) . Makes sense to me. What do you think? I bring this up because we are working on Episode 46 (to air on June 25) and SIP Trunking (as all as the growing list of SIP enhancements Cisco has made) as key topics in a ‘why migrate’ story around Unified Communications. Give us your thoughts below! RobbFollow me on Twitter? Must See TechWiseTV….

Data Driven Control Freaks Unite!

imageNew show airing this Thursday – please don’t miss TWTV 44 – Network Management: The Rest of the Story Should we doing a show on Network Management? Based on the responses for this blog as well as what Jimmy Ray got on his Network World blog…great feedback. Jimmy Ray’s Blog Entry: “Network Management Sucks” – Ton’s of great conversation ensuedLooking for Show Notes? Read More »