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Think Inside the Box – Phase 2

110 qualified teams from 75 countries submitted entries in phase 1 as they dreamed about what would do if they won the $100,000. purse. The judging panel narrowed it down to the very best ideas and 10 teams made the cut. They are working on their stuff right now as we get closer to the October final due date. Jimmy Ray and I chatted about this latest phase as took a load off in the beanbag area at CiscoLive!.Don’t miss the point of what this means to you. Read More »

Michael Jackson – King of Spam

imageNo. Michael Jackson was not known for any kind of email scam…but like any other major event in the news, his demise was big enough to warrant attention from people who are always looking to defraud us. This kind of thing will not go away of course and as users we need to be ever vigilant. This particular surge started on June 27 and provides a nice back story highlighting the type of protection (protection from ourselves often) as provided by Cisco IronPort. This information from Cisco’s Security Intelligence Operations: Starting on June 27th, 2009, cyber-criminals sent many spam messages targeting Michael Jackson’s death. The demise of the King of Pop provides spammers with a high probability that users will open their spam and malware messages. Spammers are using this lure to get users to (1) launch unsuspecting malware, (2) provide personal sensitive information (identity theft),(3) advance-fee fraud (419 spam),(4) go to fake pharmaceutical websites, and even (5) purchase spamming services.The most common spam subject lines? Read More »

PBX Migration – Avoiding the Headaches

Times certainly have changed. The TDM based PBX is no longer considered the best way to do things and EVERY vendor that makes a phone system is pursuing the IP Telephony market. Trouble is, many of these vendors are struggling in various ways and this is causing unique issues to consider especially when it comes to your time lines. As the old PBX nears ‘End of Usefulness’, or you are expanding your business, or perhaps you are concerned that the service contracts you pay dearly for may not be delivering for you like they did in the past – you may be ready to make a change. But how? These are big projects and there are many way to approach them. The migration from a TDM based system to an IP based one is the entire focus of our episode tomorrow. We are very excited to welcome our new UC Expert on the team, Tina Shakour, to walk us through it. Tina has a wealth of knowledge and experience for this topic (not to mention the passion) and she is ready to share. Have you registered to watch this? Even if you are reading this note AFTER the air date of June 25, this same link will allow you to watch the replay almost instantly! (what a great time we live in, eh!)Show NotesDid you catch all of Tina’s ‘Must Have List’? image Read More »

Award Winning Corporate Video

imageGreat news. We just learned that two of our shows have won ‘Telly Awards’!TechWiseTV Episode 36 “Energy Efficiency in the Data Center” featuring one of our favorite repeat guests, Rob Aldrich, won in the informercial category. BizWiseTV Episode 20: “Collaboration. Bridging the Productivity Gap” won in the information category. These are of course a few of the lesser known ‘corporate’ video awards that are announced each year. We have gotten a few others in the past TechWiseTV 29: Defining the Data Center Class Switch (Bronze Telly: Infomercial Category)TechWiseTV 31: “Applying Web 2.0 to your Business Challenges” (2 Bronze Telly’s: Information and Direct Marketing Categories)We also had two shows win ‘Awards of Distinction’ (sounds a little hokey?) at the ‘Communicator Awards’ in the category of online social media:SalesWiseTV 4 (Unified Communications) (internal Cisco show)TechWise 24 (Stopping Email Threats) Our first show with the IronPort Gang!Thanks for watching! What was your favorite show? (see the whole list…)

What Cetifications Have the Most Value?

Channel Insider just released some interesting info ranking what vendor certifications held the most value with end-users. I want to share a bit of the list and get your opinion. We are shooting content for one of our next shows while at CiscoLive! next week and one of the primary questions we are diving into is which ones ‘within Cisco’ are the most valuable. Who ranked the highest? Read More »