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Award Winning Corporate Video

imageGreat news. We just learned that two of our shows have won ‘Telly Awards’!TechWiseTV Episode 36 “Energy Efficiency in the Data Center” featuring one of our favorite repeat guests, Rob Aldrich, won in the informercial category. BizWiseTV Episode 20: “Collaboration. Bridging the Productivity Gap” won in the information category. These are of course a few of the lesser known ‘corporate’ video awards that are announced each year. We have gotten a few others in the past TechWiseTV 29: Defining the Data Center Class Switch (Bronze Telly: Infomercial Category)TechWiseTV 31: “Applying Web 2.0 to your Business Challenges” (2 Bronze Telly’s: Information and Direct Marketing Categories)We also had two shows win ‘Awards of Distinction’ (sounds a little hokey?) at the ‘Communicator Awards’ in the category of online social media:SalesWiseTV 4 (Unified Communications) (internal Cisco show)TechWise 24 (Stopping Email Threats) Our first show with the IronPort Gang!Thanks for watching! What was your favorite show? (see the whole list…)

What Cetifications Have the Most Value?

Channel Insider just released some interesting info ranking what vendor certifications held the most value with end-users. I want to share a bit of the list and get your opinion. We are shooting content for one of our next shows while at CiscoLive! next week and one of the primary questions we are diving into is which ones ‘within Cisco’ are the most valuable. Who ranked the highest? Read More »

Creativity and Collaboration – What an Awesome Video

I way late in posting this – what a great video from our friends at Camp Creative (this is the group we work with to produce TechWIseTV). Our friend Mark Laber worked with some others at Cisco to create this overview of Technology in Action. I am blown away at the creativity here. Mark was tasked with telling an interesting story while weaving in a ton of Cisco technology references. This is not just challenging from a creative standpoint (how to do it without sucking) but how to get multiple marketers at Cisco to agree on the finished product. This really is good stuff and should be spread far and wide….nice job Mark!

Get the Scoop on CiscoLive and CiscoLive Virtual

Who is going to CiscoLive!? Hands down this is easily my favorite event of the year – although we look at it as an annual homecoming with all our friends there are obviously going to be many people who just can’t afford the travel time or perhaps the budget this year for any number of reasons…but don’t fret! The show can come to you! In fact, there are FOUR options to take advantage of: Read More »

R.I.P Voicemail – Long Live Messaging?

There have been several articles recently listing the many failures of voicemail. Is Voicemail Dead? You’ve got Voicemail – But do you Care?And really, yeah — traditional voicemail isn’t really a 21st century technology. Voicemail evolved about as quickly as PBXs did — which isn’t really a whole lot. When IP Telephony entered the market, things changed. I mean, they REALLY changed! Suddenly it wasn’t just voicemail, it was “messaging”. You could get your voicemail in your inbox, use speech-enabled dialing and do all sorts of things that plain old voicemail just couldn’t do. But there were two problems in this nirvana of new and improved messaging: integrating those old voicemail systems with newer systems and re-training your users. Read More »