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Live Today: Revolution on the Network Edge

Are you registered to see this? Don’t miss the live Q&A…this show is all about the ASR 1000:Quantum FlowIOS XEWebex NodeDesign ConsiderationsLooking for more detail? Read More »

A zettabyte is a trillion gigabytes.

TechWiseTV Episode 47 “Routing Revolution on the Network Edge” Show Notes The ASR 1000 series of routers is very simply answering the challenge of ever escalating demand. Demand for more speed, smaller form factors, less energy, on and on and on. It sets new bars for performance, David Newman said it well in his Network World Article: “With enterprises looking to consolidate data centers and devices, Cisco’s new ASR 1000 series router offers a compelling message: Do more with less.In an exclusive Clear Choice test, the ASR not only moved traffic at 20Gbps but also did so while running QoS, security and monitoring functions on 120 million flows from hundreds of concurrent routing sessions.” This is the kind of performance and innovation we need moving forward. This show was a lot of fun to make. Great people, great technology. Here are the notes and details for further info you may find helpful. Read More »

SIP Trunking Rocks (or does it. . . .hmmm)

We had a highly attended, very interactive TechWiseTV webcast this week! Over 1000 of you all joined us live to hear about SIP Trunking and we received over 300 questions during the webcast — thank you for attending!For those who didn’t attend, you can still catch the recording of the SIP Trunking webcast.So what did we learn? We learned that SIP trunking is a pretty cool new frontier. But, like all frontiers (no Star Trek comments, please) it is a bit wild. Read More »

New ASR 1000 Enhancements for Service Provider

We have a very exciting, very technical show coming up on July 23…we are featuring a single product/technology set…this is not entirely normal but it is worth doing on occasion. This show also represents the very early stages of us ‘breaking out’ of our typical studio setting. You will see us in our new setting (building 13 for those so inclined) and although you won’t see as much as I would like here…the fact that this is Cisco’s industry briefing center (chock full of cool partner technologies in various settings) we plan on really expanding our options here. This show is all about the technology however (if you like that sort of thing). You can register here.We are very excited to have Michael Beesly, the inventor of the Quantum Flow Processor and IOS-XE with us as we dive into these most incredible advances. Be sure and Read More »

Think Inside the Box – Phase 2

110 qualified teams from 75 countries submitted entries in phase 1 as they dreamed about what would do if they won the $100,000. purse. The judging panel narrowed it down to the very best ideas and 10 teams made the cut. They are working on their stuff right now as we get closer to the October final due date. Jimmy Ray and I chatted about this latest phase as took a load off in the beanbag area at CiscoLive!.Don’t miss the point of what this means to you. Read More »