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Slides Don’t Kill Presentations

There has been a consistent thread of conversation lately about presentations, use of slides and how to work with guests on TV. My personal objective on TechWiseTV is for us to keep pushing the envelope on creativity so that we can ideally reshape the current notions of corporate video. Cisco, as a company, has been using video as a communications medium for quite some time but I am also seeing where we have developed many bad habits. I don’t think these are intentional actually…I think they are reflective of multiple realities. One awesome thing for a ‘communicator’ working at Cisco has been its early adoption of high quality video capture. We have been blessed with multiple high quality studios in San Jose (other locations outside the US as well), that will provide any person within Cisco have access to good lighting, sound, quality video capture, live streaming both internally and externally and fantastic people to help you simplify the process. Our studios continue to do a very good job of providing an easy to use platform for ‘telling your story.’ In the interest of time and fast moving objectives these resources are designed to easily accommodate the one crutch we have all grown to over-depend on however: PowerPoint Slides. The path of least resistance has become for us to try and replicate the way in which we present but to now put it on video. The result is a lot of boring video. The standard corporate look of two video windows – one for the person reading their script to camera (much more on that subject later) and the other window for slides…lots of text and hopefully some helpful visuals. Sound familiar? This makes sense for reasons of efficiency but given a bit more time and understanding, the exact same tools can be used in a much more interesting fashion that will benefit the audience. I want to talk about this issue with slides however first. Read More »

Focus on Energy – No Flash in the Pan

It is really good to see such long term, focused attention being given to energy issues. We have done multiple shows on ‘Green’ subjects over the last few seasons: Network Energy Efficiency with a great pre-launch dig into the Cisco EnergyWise additions to IOS as well as a show focused on the mother of energy consumption for many companies – the data center. This is where we first met Rob Aldrich, a fantastically passionate advocate for efficiency who maintains some great entries at our Cisco Green Blog. Be sure to give it a look. The reason for today’s post however is to bring your attention to our latest podcast featuring an old friend of the show, Ramesh Bijor. Ramesh was all over Jimmy Ray again this year at CiscoLive to make sure we got a good look at his Cisco EnergyWise demo. The concepts are simple to digest I think but profound in their long term outlook. Jimmy Ray does a good job as usual of digging behind the initial veneer of the technology:We both have good memories of working with Ramesh Read More »

The Cisco Building Mediator Featured on BizWiseTV

Imagine a group of very important people that are expected to accomplish a common goal. Now imagine that they have no ability to communicate…they don’t speak the same language. They are smart…they can get it done. But NOW imagine how much MORE they could get done if they understand each other. Suppose you have been managing this group of high performers…all of a sudden you are getting one progress report, one dashboard to keep your finger on the pulse. Now you are not just getting by with the basics…you have a foundation laid for doing things you could never have considered before. Read More »

The Intangibles of Telepresence

I usually emit a little chuckle when I see any of the 100’s of articles written about “HD Video Conferencing”…a category that Telepresence will often get mistakenly mislabeled into. I sold traditional video conferencing into large accounts for MCI for many years and one large customer in Cincinnati highlighted for me what was so often the problem. Primarily, it was just not easy enough. Any time the technology has the ability to get in the way of the meeting, then you lost. Its all about the meeting. I had seen this one large customer watch as HUGE PictureTel rooms with incredible technology and dedicated teams remained largely vacant. The hassle factor was too much. Read More »

Show Notes – Unlocking the Potential of Virtualization

Looking for Show Notes? Our latest Data Center Episode “Unlocking the Potential of Virtualization” featuring the debut of our Data Center Expert, Steve Phillips! (Register to watch live on 7/30 and available to watch as a VoD right after!)The technology covered in this show is both new and difficult to understand…yet so fundamental to understanding and solving this challenge of how we leverage the benefits of server virtualization without handicapping it by forcing traditional, very physical, networking model. Read More »