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Don’t Miss the TechWiseTV Data Center Show This Week

Data Center host Steve Phillips will walk us through ‘The Five Golden Rules of Branch Office Consolidation’ with one of our favorite repeat guests Noam Syrkin. Check out the preview video here:

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Network Monitoring and Security

We have two podcasts to update you on – one is concerning web security with IronPort and the other is on Network Monitoring with NetOptics.  I encourage you to subscribe to our podcasts using RSS or simply via iTunes if that is your aggregator of choice.  Although the focus of this NetOptics interview is NOT on security…I think it always an interesting argument. First, watch this overview with Dennis from NetOptics – they do some interesting things at some very high speeds.

I have actually always enjoyed the relationship between the two disciplines in that I think a pretty credible argument can be made as follows:

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Insiders Guide to Cisco Career Certifications

You can watch this show starting September 3Specialization is the name of the game these days when it comes to being distinct. The markets have of course been in uproar and there are more people now chasing fewer jobs. No matter what your current situation is, the writing on the wall says that those of us with demonstrable skills will rise above those who don’t. A certification is of course a very straightforward way to document your expertise. The Cisco certifications have held up well in the industry largely due to their increasing complexity reflective of how much technology continues to be interwoven with enterprise success. We taped this show at CiscoLive! recently and laid a foundation to get quite a few opinions – including of course Jimmy Ray Purser. Jimmy Ray is more certified than he will let on – he has a passion for lifelong learning that make him a joy to work with. As we usually do, we can’t cover a topic from front to back…we have to choose which areas to dive into. Each of our segments for this show follow a logical path of recognizing that there has been a marked increase in the specialization available within a traditional cert and many of you may be looking for guidance on why one might be better than another…and if you are new to it, then maybe a few pointers on the things that could trip you up. Your very best link for ‘more info’ on this entire show is the Learning @ Cisco Community I cannot overstate the value of the content and the interactivity available here Read More »

Microsoft Office Communicator

Tina Shakour caught up with Adam Czech at CiscoLive to talk about the Cisco integration with Microsoft Office Communicator Read More »

Global Correlation for IPS

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