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The Router is Dead. Long Live the Router!

New technology to play on this episode of TechWiseTV…welcome to the shownotes!

All I want for a new ISR

Matt Lambert waits patiently as Jimmy Ray shakes
the 2911 like an impatient kid at Christmas.

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Catalyst Switches – Easy to Interact With?

How far do you think our Catalyst Switching team has come with regards to ‘ease of use’? 

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When is a firewall no longer a firewall?

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Taming the Smart Phone Monster

Our latest Unified Communications show with Tina Shakour and a bevy of cool technical guests will air on November 12…now is the time to get registered! 

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The New ISR Router, the ISR G2

Finally we can begin talking about this!  This new Integrated Services Router has so much more under the hood than we initially thought.  We have an action packed show for all the geeks who want to get the hands-on details…Oct 29…register now …or procrastinate a bit longer and watch this trailer:

What can you expect?

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