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When is a firewall no longer a firewall?

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Taming the Smart Phone Monster

Our latest Unified Communications show with Tina Shakour and a bevy of cool technical guests will air on November 12…now is the time to get registered! 

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The New ISR Router, the ISR G2

Finally we can begin talking about this!  This new Integrated Services Router has so much more under the hood than we initially thought.  We have an action packed show for all the geeks who want to get the hands-on details…Oct 29…register now …or procrastinate a bit longer and watch this trailer:

What can you expect?

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What is up with that Shirt?


Jimmy Ray in TWTV52 - Name that Reference

Questions about Jimmy Ray’s wardrobe continue to filter in each time we air a show.  Our Catalyst Switching show that aired yesterday was no exception. The good folks at Jinx as well as ThinkGeek have provided him with numerous options that you will continue to see if you follow along. The fun part for me, and now apparently for many others, is the game we get to play each time in figuring out the reference.  Some are deeply technical, some are simply obscure cultural references. 


This is a good shot of what he wore for yesterday’s show.  This one’s a two-fer.  Two references being made here (the undershirt…and the one I am not sure he can button).  What do you think they are?   The answers are below…so if you want to challenge yourself…wait to push that ‘more’ button.

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Unlock the FULL Potential of your Cisco Catalyst Switches

The live show with Q&A is today at 10 AM PST.  If you missed it, have no fear, you can still watch it right here.


Looking for show notes? Keep reading!

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