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Favorite Tools

Size Up - Irradiated SoftwareI had gotten a bunch of ‘direct’ comments on my rambling productivity post (confessions of a productivity geek) that I have started penning more opinions on personal tools I find useful. I love trying to figure out if new bits of software, scripts or even web-based services might help spark my next idea or burst of efficiency.  The biggest thing I have learned is that nothing is worth keeping/investing in if I can’t work into my own personal workflow…although that does not keep from wasting time and money.  So, although I look forward to providing more detail and opinion in the future – let me add my latest little nugget I am playing with and I have high hopes.

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Getting Things Done with Mobile Devices

Mike describes the Mobile Possiblities to Tina

Welcome to the Show Notes for Episode 55!

The ability to be productive anytime, anywhere on any device has never felt more real than right now. The explosion of capabilities with video collaboration and consumer devices that are pushing expectations faster than ever before.  This  creates both wonderful opportunity and significant challenge. How can IT work to preserve the in-office experience with users going mobile and still serve the critical needs of the business?   Our latest (and dare I say best!) episode will show you the latest ways to make a mobile phone mimic what you love about your desk phone, solve the challenge of ‘my cell does not work in the office’, preserve your meeting visuals while away from your computer and do all of this in a consistently secure manner. I guarantee it!

Step 1:

Register to watch this as it goes live so you can participate in the Q&A, (this links works for the VoD if you missed the live)

Step 2a: Did you catch all the new info just announced this week?

The official ‘Collaboration Launch’ Press release

Check out the ‘Collaboration Virtual Experience Page‘ (Catch the replay of John Chambers keynote and the very interesting demonstrations from Jim Grubb). 

 And for good measure:

 – Collaboration Solutions Page

 – Blog Announcement from Alan Cohen

 Step 2b:

Read the juicy details below for what to expect and/or where to find more information!


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Confessions of a Productivity Geek

Vintage JoystickCollaboration – is it something you ‘do’ or something we want you to ‘buy?’  Yes! Kinda. 

This ‘catch-all’ term for a never-ending set of tools, technologies and processes continues to evolve.  As a self-professed productivity geek I just love this stuff.  In my highly valued opinion, Cisco is ‘the most advanced’ provider of tools that embrace and work to solve the real challenges inherent in ‘getting things done’ with today’s business needs firmly in place.  

Allow me to explain –

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The Router is Dead. Long Live the Router!

New technology to play on this episode of TechWiseTV…welcome to the shownotes!

All I want for a new ISR

Matt Lambert waits patiently as Jimmy Ray shakes
the 2911 like an impatient kid at Christmas.

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Catalyst Switches – Easy to Interact With?

How far do you think our Catalyst Switching team has come with regards to ‘ease of use’? 

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