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ShowNotes: Unified Fabric

Welcome to the shownotes for Episode 54!  Our entire focus for this show is to explore the concepts and the realities of a ‘Unified Fabric’.  If you have not registered for the show yet or would like to see the video on demand, which will be available starting 12/4/09, you can go here.

Here is the official problem statement:

Data centers are rapidly reaching a tipping point. The trend to server virtualization, combined with massive data growth, bandwidth demands, and other factors, is creating enormous management, power, cooling, and cost inefficiencies that cannot be sustained, especially in the current economic environment.

Can unified fabric provide a realistic solution? Is it ready for prime time? Join us as we expose the truth about this new data transport technology and show you the tangible benefits you can expect from its implementation. Discover how you can migrate to unified fabric incrementally, preserving the value of your existing data center investments.

If you missed the show trailer:

On to the specific myths we felt needed to be addressed and the links to more information!

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The New Collaboration Experience

With Cisco launching over 70 new (and very interesting) products under the ever growing collaboration portfolio, it can be difficult to narrow them down and digest.  In our latest ‘FutureProof’ podcast series, Tina Shakour brings in Lynn Lucas, Cisco’s Senior Director of Collaboration Solutions, to sort it all out.

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Google adds Automated Captioning

Our team has spent much time and money over the years transcribing videos. Its amazing how much we talk and you just never realize how much until you see it in writing. Google is taking some of their voice smarts with text to speech and offering it to the YouTube channel now. There are some translation options available as well and I would think options will only increase as this gets perfected over time. 

[UPDATE: 11-29-09 – My good friend Munawar Hossain is the Product Manager for our MXE 3500 ‘Media Experience Engine’ and he reminds me that it performs transcription services already!  This appliance and the capabilities it represents are a great example of how consumerization has created demand for enterprise quality capabilities that are just as easy to use.  Check it out!   -Robb]


We have used transcriptions with TechWiseTV in a couple of different ways over the years.

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Cisco IT Data Center Experience

I always find the Cisco on Cisco information fascinating and I think it is great that we continue to invest in getting stories like this documented…there are many of course.  My official office (outside of my home office) is technically our Richardson, TX campus and I watched from afar as they built Richardson 9 into this incredible data center. They never let me in but they consistently churned out updates and very nice overviews internal and external as to what was happening and why.  There is an amazing amount of detail here presented in a very futuristic manner…but I do think it is highly valuable if you have any interest in Data Center and some insight into how Cisco ‘eats its own cooking.’

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Branch Office Step Child

We focus so much on performance conversations and the new ISR G2 (Integrated Services Router, Generation 2) can certainly hold its own in that arena with 5X the performance of its predecessor…but if you are not careful, you are going to miss the change going on here.  Yes its about video enablement and ‘branch office equality’…all good things…but look deeper into how services are getting delivered.  Its about possibilities, flexibilities and opportunities. Turning on services needed in remote locations has historically been such a pain that it was simply avoided.  These issues have been tackled head on.  Talking about business benefits on something referred to as a router is never easy either.  Our Borderless Hostess brought in her friend Mick Scully to help out:


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