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Honing Your Network Security Strategy

Good network security means making the right company assets available to the right people. This often requires a delicate balance between human and technological resources. Cisco’s Pat Calhoun joins Jennifer Geisler and shares the latest strategies for enhancing your security in this TechWiseTV ‘FutureProof’ Podcast.

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ShowNotes: Non-Stop Networking

Welcome to the Show Notes for TechWiseTV 57: Non-Stop Networking.

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Cisco 2009 Annual Security Report Released

Announcing the Cisco 2009 Annual Security Report

Security never gets old – certainly not boring!  This report is always an interesting read as it the ‘business of security’ has never been better.  As it continues to morph however it is wise to stay on top of the changes.  Our good friend and repeat guest of the show, Pat Peterson, Cisco Fellow/Security Researcher, did a great little video overview here.  (I always enjoy Pat’s ability to simplify complex subjects)

Be sure and check out the CyberCrime Awards posted internally on the report – very interesting stuff.  See below for all the links

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Routing and Switching Newsletter for December

Great collection of news and announcements we all need for Cisco Routing and Switching.  Down below the fold here you will find the compilation of stuff you get with a subscription to their newsletter if you don’t already get it.

Just to make sure we are all speaking the same language – For those of you keeping track of Cisco’s marketing terminology, the technology formerly (but still really…) known as Routing, Switching, Security and Mobility are now re-organized within Cisco as our Borderless Networks.   We have been doing TechWiseTV shows on these topics for years of course…but we have adapted of course and done a number of GREAT ‘borderless’ shows as well.  In fact…

Coming Up: Non-Stop Networking for the Always on Business, will air live on December 17.  This show features an inside out look to engineering resilience: 

  • Core Layer: Virtual Switching on the Cisco Catalyst 6500
  • Distribution Layer: Nonstop Processing with the Cisco Catalyst
  • Access Layer: Self-Healing Wireless
  • Branch Layer: Dynamic Multipoint VPN
  • Don’t miss the other Borderless Shows available to watch right now!

    Routers Are Dead. Long Live the Router!

    Unlocking the Full Potential of Cisco Catalyst Switches

    Survival Guide: Securing Networks Without Borders

    Bonus Trivia…What ‘other’ series of shows is hosted by the TechWiseTV Borderless Host (ess)?


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    Working Smart in a Borderless World

    As our technology options grow faster than our ability to integrate them into the processes we use to get things done, we often worry about risks…or at least we should!  In this latest edition of ‘FutureProof’ Jennifer Geisler invited Cisco’s Brett Galloway, SVP in the Wireless, Security and Routing Group to share his unique perspective on the reality being effective in our ‘Borderless’ world.

    (you can subscribe to this and all of our podcasts by either hooking up with our YouTube channel or using an iTunes feed).

    Brett has a very interesting background.

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