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New CCNP Requirements – New CiscoPress Resources

The CCNP is of course one of the most popular Cisco certifications behind that of only the CCNP I believe.  Our friends from Learning@Cisco have released the new requirements at of course.  We work closely with that team here at TechWiseTV and of course, just about every show either has a reference to something from CiscoPress or we are using their resources or authors in our research.  Cisco Press has some fantastic resources in line with this new announcement as well.  

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Cisco Intercompany Media Engine Workshop

Hash TablesEven if you did not get a chance to watch our recent show on the Intercompany Media Engine, you should still check out the workshop Jimmy Ray is hosting this week on Wednesday, 10 to 11 AM PST!

Cisco’s Intercompany Media Engine provides companies with a convenient solution for migrating their business to business communication from the PSTN to the internet over any IP network, allowing for a richer user experience.

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ShowNotes: Protocols for Growth

Welcome to the ShowNotes for Episode 59 on ‘Protocols for Growth’ – if you have not seen the show, you can get to it here.  

Rich multimedia content being served up to hungry and demanding users reflects both the present and future of your network. TechWiseTV reveals the top four protocols you must master for success.

UPDATE FROM TODAY’S SHOW: The Telepresence Certifications track was mentioned and we had to fix a link  – so sorry about that!  You can learn all about the two new Telepresence Certifications at or more go here.


On to the notes….

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How Well Do You Know Your Protocols?

Register Now for our next Borderless Networking show which will be live on Thursday, January 21 at 10 AM PST/1 PM EST. We have a number of very interesting twists to the agenda with great guests like Kumar Reddy who helps us beyond the ‘Chicken Little’ aspects of most IPv6 discussions and gets squarely on deployment realities and things you can and should do today. 

See the Preview:

Jagadeesh Narayanswamy was gracious to bring in a full sample network to show advances Cisco is just now rolling out with regards to ‘Wireless Multicast.’  Cisco has always lead the networking pack with multicast advances that are so critical today but this is another big leap forward taking us yet another step beyond thinking of wireless as a ‘hub’ style of shared/no priority bandwidth.

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Webex Getting More Mobile

This recently out on our podcast channelCisco WebEx continues to both set and raise the bar on technology for advanced collaboration. Tina Shakour asks WebEx field engineer Ben Lewis to explain the latest enhancements WebEx is bringing to mobile phones.

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