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Quality of Service

TechWiseTV52 titled “Unlocking the Full Potential of Cisco Catalyst Switches” featured a great engineering dive into Quality of Service with Salman Zahid.  This segment has been extracted from the show so we could put in our podcast channel and share it more easily with you.  

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Cisco TelePresence – New Options, Deeper Understanding

The phone lines are now open!  Actually, its a web page….but now you can register for our next Collaboration show on ‘The Engineering Behind TelePresence’ which will be live on February 18, 2010 with Q&A and everything!  How fancy is that!  Check out the trailer:

In typical TechWiseTV fashion…this show has more detail and information than you would normally get….

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Secure Data Center Takes Another Step Forward

Cisco announced the ‘Secure Multi-Tenancy Design Architecture’ as a collaboration and documented best practice with NetApp and VMware.   This is obviously very important to the shared ‘cloud’ environments that we and many others are promoting.  Security remains a work in progress …but as you can see…this is the work in progress…

Network World did a good write up on it so be sure and check it out for more detail. Much of this story from the Cisco perspective is all about our Unified Computing platform…and we have you covered on that front!

There are quite a few misconceptions…’myths’ if you will about what many think is an all-or-nothing approach.  We dug into this however.

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New CCNP Requirements – New CiscoPress Resources

The CCNP is of course one of the most popular Cisco certifications behind that of only the CCNP I believe.  Our friends from Learning@Cisco have released the new requirements at of course.  We work closely with that team here at TechWiseTV and of course, just about every show either has a reference to something from CiscoPress or we are using their resources or authors in our research.  Cisco Press has some fantastic resources in line with this new announcement as well.  

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Cisco Intercompany Media Engine Workshop

Hash TablesEven if you did not get a chance to watch our recent show on the Intercompany Media Engine, you should still check out the workshop Jimmy Ray is hosting this week on Wednesday, 10 to 11 AM PST!

Cisco’s Intercompany Media Engine provides companies with a convenient solution for migrating their business to business communication from the PSTN to the internet over any IP network, allowing for a richer user experience.

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