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The Cisco Intercompany Media Engine – Open Federation ShowNotes

Robb Boyd Tina Shakour Opening Segment for TechWiseTV58

This show (now available on demand) is particularly intriguing to me in light of recent FCC filing by AT&T that state the regulations that keep the PSTN alive should be lifted, thus clearing the way for an all-broadband phone network. I believe this may be a very US-centric view, and there are many (very valid, IMO) objections to AT&Ts stance,  but it shows that the phone network as we know it, truly is evolving. In this episode we look at how Cisco is addressing “open federation”, a key component to borderless communication and a new way of communicating.

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A Little Christmas Collaboration

This video hit me well on several different levels…my ever distracted mind, the need to collaborate and the Joy of the Season.


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Honing Your Network Security Strategy

Good network security means making the right company assets available to the right people. This often requires a delicate balance between human and technological resources. Cisco’s Pat Calhoun joins Jennifer Geisler and shares the latest strategies for enhancing your security in this TechWiseTV ‘FutureProof’ Podcast.

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ShowNotes: Non-Stop Networking

Welcome to the Show Notes for TechWiseTV 57: Non-Stop Networking.

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Working Smart in a Borderless World

As our technology options grow faster than our ability to integrate them into the processes we use to get things done, we often worry about risks…or at least we should!  In this latest edition of ‘FutureProof’ Jennifer Geisler invited Cisco’s Brett Galloway, SVP in the Wireless, Security and Routing Group to share his unique perspective on the reality being effective in our ‘Borderless’ world.

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Brett has a very interesting background.

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