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Mobility, Wireless…you all have your terms

Cisco has been using the term ‘mobility’ to provide a more accurate description of a range of products, technologies and capabilities we can enable…I don’t always feel like this term is widely understood as the primary reference to wireless capabilities. Keeping up with changes at Cisco and trying to determine the difference between new technology and new terminology can’t be easy.

The always well-spoken Chris Kozup gave us some great reviews on the mobility front on a couple of recent episodes.  This first one, “Self-Healing Wireless”, originally aired as part of TechWiseTV Episode 57.

Our podcast channel has been consistently rolling out these sneak peak excerpts from recent shows…I have been behind in embedding them here. If you are following our podcast channel however…you are probably OK.  Although I will note that as large as these HD files are getting…watching as embedded here might give you better resolution!


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Cisco Catalyst Non-Stop Processing

Salman Zahid takes us through another great demo showcasing the redundancy options available on the Catalyst.


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ShowNotes: The Engineering Behind TelePresence

Welcome to the Show Notes for TechWiseTV61 – Exploring the Engineering Behind TelePresence.  If you missed the show, don’t hesitate to get the replay right away!


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Data Center Bridging

Silvano Gai, author of ‘I/O Consolidation in the Data Center‘ from Cisco Press recently joined us on set to help us break down Data Center Bridging.   I highly encourage you to check out the entire show we did around this topic, ‘Untangling the Data Center with Unified Fabric,’ which you can watch in its entirety right now.


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ShowNotes – Journey to Unified Computing

Your Data Center FutureWelcome to the ShowNotes for TechWiseTV Episode 60 – the Journey to Unified Communications. This show is about the reality of moving to Unified Computing.  Competitors will tell you that this is a big decision, akin to selling your soul to Cisco such that you will forever give up your ability to choose the right technologies for your data center in the future.  What?   Hogwash. 

It is amazing how complete and compelling the Cisco Data Center vision is these days – we have come so far in such a relatively short period of time, we should perhaps distinguish between ‘vision’ and ‘reality.’  The reality is quite deploy-able today and although the full execution of the vision does represent some dramatic changes with how things have been done in the past you DON’T HAVE TO BUY ALL OF IT to begin reaping dramatic benefit.   You can in fact nibble at this thing, learn a little at a time and STILL add value as you do it. 

Yes we are offering a new approach.  You can navigate this journey incrementally however and our focus today is on doing this with Unified Computing.

Our goal for this show is to not only show you exactly how this is done…but we have taken it a step further and asked some non-Cisco companies to help us tell this story. 

Who are they and why is this important?

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