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I’m Looking Thru You

There are a bunch of reasons to hide info. Normally, if you REALLY want to hide data you just encrypted it with folks in your key circle and its Newcastle time. However, sharing stuff with folks outside of the “circle of trust” meant hiding it in plain site. We still do it for practice to see if folks could find any clues to keep our skills sharp. Kinda like a Paul McCartney is dead thing for us geek type folks. Back in the day, we used to hide URL or code in plain site by using Based64 encoding then hide them in the common URL and slip thru just about everything. Things have sure changed big time. 

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Migration to IP Telephony: Old news, right?

I had an interesting moment the other day: on a call about an upcoming TechWiseTV show, someone suggested everyone who was going to move from a legacy PBX to IP had probably already started the process.

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Building Your Own Hack Lab

Network Security is considered a self taught dark art like lock picking. Just like lock picking, if you want to be good at it go purchase a lock and start picking. Going to your neighbors pad and trying to pick their lock is frowned upon in most court systems. The same with network security, if you want to be good at it build your own lab and start practicing. It is very important to hone your skills on your own gear and never ever on the Internet with someone else’s stuff.

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I Remember My First Router

I’ve always loved the Star Trek episode Mirror-Mirror. Where there was a good Kirk in the Federation crusin’ the galaxy finishing fights and going out with all kinds a alien girls and an Evil counterpart in the Terran Empire starting fights, monogamous and yet equally as dramatic. I learned a few things after my 57890th time watching that episode:

– Spock looked way cool in a goat

– Mistakes are often symmetrical

 As time passed, I noticed that anytime a made a mistake, more then just me learned a lesson. An oops in the Federation was a Yes! in the Terran Empire. The first time I had a router of mine hacked, I could not figure out what I did wrong until I understood a little more about programming in C and legacy services. Unlike other technologies, networking has a long history is designed to scale and grow forward while still supporting the old stuff.


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Cisco VideoStream Demonstration

Jagadeesh talking about Cisco VideoStreamStreaming video over wireless has never been possible due to the challenges that Wi-Fi introduces.  Variable data rates, packet loss, multicast reliability issues, you name it.  Traditional Quality of Service just did not apply.  Notice that was in the past tense.  All of this now changes with the release of Cisco VideoStream.   

Jagadeesh Narayanaswamy (say that name 10 times fast!) joined us on set for one of our recent episodes…he was in that ranking of guests we love the most…the ones that drag out a bunch of equipment! 

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