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Collaboration in the Cloud

Clouds. Cloudy. Cloudless. Partially cloudy? Clear as day?

Trying to figure it all out


Seems I hear the word “cloud” an awful lot these days. Cisco did a funny video on “what is cloud computing” that calls out what we all know – “cloud” is a word often used and frequently understood. When it comes to putting your collaboration tools into the cloud, it all becomes even more confusing. TechWiseTV is addressing this whole “collaboration in the cloud” notion head on! Join us for these upcoming events as we find out if the forecast is cloudy, but clear!



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Fundamentals of Cisco EnergyWise

We have a great show coming up on April 15 where we dive in ‘TechWiseTV Style’ to some of the most interesting details and demonstrations that have come out of Cisco’s recent Borderless Networks Launch(Good round up of what was announced).  One of the key messages throughout our whole April ‘Power’ show is the use of Energy.  Fundamental to much of what we cover is a great segment with our old EnergyWise friend John Parello.  John helped us clean up the script a bit here in our very first animation project – simple…but a big deal to us!  Would love to get your feedback on this style of story-telling.  Let us know what you think in the notes below.


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I’m Looking Thru You

There are a bunch of reasons to hide info. Normally, if you REALLY want to hide data you just encrypted it with folks in your key circle and its Newcastle time. However, sharing stuff with folks outside of the “circle of trust” meant hiding it in plain site. We still do it for practice to see if folks could find any clues to keep our skills sharp. Kinda like a Paul McCartney is dead thing for us geek type folks. Back in the day, we used to hide URL or code in plain site by using Based64 encoding then hide them in the common URL and slip thru just about everything. Things have sure changed big time. 

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Migration to IP Telephony: Old news, right?

I had an interesting moment the other day: on a call about an upcoming TechWiseTV show, someone suggested everyone who was going to move from a legacy PBX to IP had probably already started the process.

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Building Your Own Hack Lab

Network Security is considered a self taught dark art like lock picking. Just like lock picking, if you want to be good at it go purchase a lock and start picking. Going to your neighbors pad and trying to pick their lock is frowned upon in most court systems. The same with network security, if you want to be good at it build your own lab and start practicing. It is very important to hone your skills on your own gear and never ever on the Internet with someone else’s stuff.

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