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Welcome Tandberg!

Welcome to Cisco Tandberg!  I love this video.  If these guys and gals are half as goofy as they appear to be (I already know they are smart) we are absolutely going to have a great time rolling out killer technology.

April 30, 2010, 5:06 PM:
Video Removed. 

Use your minds eye….a bunch of fun people using their own various bits of recording technology converging on a single idea to celebrate a great acquisition.  Very goofy.  Great International representation.  Questionable music licensing issues….  Still love Tandberg and the rest of our video story…



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Cisco Clean Air Launch Today

Cisco launches the new ‘Clean Air’ wireless technology today.  If you are not familiar with what is happening here, you owe it to yourself to check it out. We have a show dedicated to this topic coming up on May 20.  The promo video for that is below…but you can simply sign up here right away!

This is an easy one to write off as being simply about new marketing language…’CleanAir’…c’mon – who came up with that name?   Well, it actually makes just a ton of sense.

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Shownotes – Rethinking the Desktop

Learn how SaaS productivity tools like HOSTED email, instant messaging and web conferencing are coming together for the desktop. How are they radically reducing costs for enterprises?  What really unifies these applications and how well do they integrate with your existing UC infrastructure?  Join our Collaboration Software Group experts as they reveal what’s new with these technologies and the secrets to successful deployments.

TechWiseTV Episode 65 - Collaboration in the Cloud

Welcome to the shownotes for our 65th Episode where we dig into all the incredible things we can now the clouds! If you have not seen the show, please check it out as soon as you can…the following notes assume you have watched it and may be looking for a bit more detail or some of the links.  You can watch a quick preview teaser on our YouTube page if you like…check out the detail below and let me know what you think!



  • Segment 1: What is collaboration in the cloud?
  • Segment 2: Why the Cloud?
  • Segment 3: Moving Mail to the Cloud
  • Segment 4: Instant Messaging All Grown Up
  • Segment 5: Web Conferencing meets Business Video
  • Segment 6: Meetings on your Smart Phone
  • Segment 7: Clearing the Clouds – Architecture and Trust

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Real Network Power

Cisco Orchestrator DashboardWelcome to the shownotes for TechWiseTV64: Your Network Has the Power.  We built all of this content around the Borderless Networks launch that featured just a ton of great new tech to play with…we had to narrow it down somehow, so please check here if you are curious about what else was covered.

This was a really fun show to do for a number of reasons, but mainly the old and new friends we pulled this off with.  First, Ramesh Bijor and his team started hauling in ‘stuff’ for their demo a few days before taping…I was not entirely sure what all he was setting up but I was blown away when he fired it up. We had to get creative with him since there were really three demonstrations he wanted to cram into one segment…we liked all of them, but we had to make a few changes.


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Zone Based Firewalls

When I heard the word “Zone” my mind drafted to the very first form of VLANs I set up long ago; AppleTalk Zones.  AT Zones were a great idea ahead of their time and certainly set up the world to understand that digital partitioning based upon a logical grouping is a very good thing. As I stepped out of the Way-Back Machine, I thought of a more common use for zones in networking today; Zone Based Firewall Policies on the ASA. 

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