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You are SO Hacked

You are SO Hacked!

Well, hopefully not…but do you even know?  Knowledge and awareness go a long way these days and with the profit motive driving the criminal activity these days, it pays to be obscure.  Welcome to the shownotes for our security episode today featuring Cisco’s Tom Gillis and his new book, Marc Guntrip from ScanSafe for two whole segments (its great stuff), a back to the science lab BOT dissection class with Jimmy Ray and a really cool, did not see that coming, segment on the new LISP protocol with Darrel Lewis, co-chair on the LISP working group.

Have you seen the show yet?  Be sure and catch the replay if not.



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Funny Atari Ads – Memories

In honor of Jimmy Ray’s wardrobe …





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Clearing the Air

Chris Kozup Reveals All

Welcome to the shownotes for today’s show on Cisco CleanAir. Once again, we have had the privilige of being involved in yet another leap-frog technology that Cisco has rolled out.  CleanAir represents one of the better examples of the evolution and development following good acquisition of both technology and talent.  In this case, taking the Cognio acquisition from a few years back and working to truly integrate it the capabilities of their spectrum analysis…not just because it may seem like a cool thing to do…but because it is the right thing to do.  The thing to watch for here is the network effect however.  The analysis and the response capabilities are extremely interesting and impressive but much of the true value is where this is applied in a distributed setting as a service on your network.  Mark this moment as another one where we will be able to look back and go ‘remember when?…’  Remember when the data set we worked with was NOT a normal and expected part of doing how you worked with your RF environment?  

Please check out Jimmy Ray’s impressions of CleanAir as he recently expressed in his Network World Blog…its not the fart scrubber he thought it was..

You can still register and watch the replay of the show if you missed it.

This particular show was not just about the CleanAir technology.  Where we are and we we are headed in the area of Secure Mobility is the real story.

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SIP, Session Management and Beyond

SIP, Session Management and Beyond…What does it all MEAN?

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Welcome Tandberg!

Welcome to Cisco Tandberg!  I love this video.  If these guys and gals are half as goofy as they appear to be (I already know they are smart) we are absolutely going to have a great time rolling out killer technology.

April 30, 2010, 5:06 PM:
Video Removed. 

Use your minds eye….a bunch of fun people using their own various bits of recording technology converging on a single idea to celebrate a great acquisition.  Very goofy.  Great International representation.  Questionable music licensing issues….  Still love Tandberg and the rest of our video story…



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