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I See a Cius: Big Announcement at Cisco Live!

Wow! Did you see that one coming? At John Chamber’s keynote here in Las Vegas, the Cisco Voice Technology Group announced we are finalizing an enterprise-class tablet computer.

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Detect Bad Links in Milliseconds

This weeks in the lab features Jimmy Ray showcasing the awesomeness of the UDLD protocol for detecting unidirectional links:

If you like these videos, 

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Public Safety and Security – New India Documentary

INDIA: Safety and Security at the Cross Hairs

Watch this episode which features key officials sharing depth of experience in how to better protect our nation and how technology acts as a tool to address challenges.


CIN’s most powerful story yet.  


“The planets biggest democracy, second most populous country and world’s biggest religious melting pot has a population of more than 1.1 Bilion people. Diverse, vibrant and open for business with global recognition in fields from technology and medicine to literature and filmmaking, India serves as an instructive example for answering difficult questions.”

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In the Lab – More IPv6 Tips and Tricks with Jimmy Ray

Two new videos from the lab of our own Jimmy Ray Purser as he shares time saving tricks and hands on demonstrations – the first one is Port Based Filters for IPv6

Port based ACL (PACL) provides a mechanism to filter the incoming packets based on layer 2-4 parameters at layer 2 port level.


Understanding how RA-Guard can help block unwanted packets is key to the feature parity we are looking for when moving from IPv4 to IPv6


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Data Center Interconnect Show Notes

This story, Data Center Interconnect Made Simple, is all about connecting multiple data centers together to highlight the virtualized data center model with application and server mobility. This mobility is driven by cloud computing business models, disaster avoidance as well as data center migration/consolidation/planned maintenance. Data Center Interconnectivity helps move virtual machines across pods or physical data center locations with zero business and application downtime. To accomplish this we are focused today on three areas where new innovation is expanding options heretofore not available.

Layer 2 Extensions. How we can extend layer 2 across vast geographic boundaries and connect remote data centers where the applications operate normally because they see the connectivity they expect.  Historically, this meant STP over long distance and it was a nightmare. This changes with Cisco’s OTV or Overlay Transport Virtualization.  See this animation we created to get an idea of how this works. Watch the whole show to be schooled by our own Ben Basler.


– Layer 3 Extensions: They are alive and well. Incredible improvements in Advanced VPLS are very much worth considering in the right environment.  Amit Singh joing Jimmy Ray in the lab to whiteboard the options here.

– SAN Extensions: are needed to provide virtualized application, access to storage without violating application SLAs (I/O time, latency) regardless of where the application and Virtual machine reside before and after a move.  We can’t leave that out of course, Jeff Thomas from EMC joins us to illustrate the need and the ability to deliver cache coherency between multiple storage arrays in these situations.

– Routing Optimization: The impact of these technologies in how we design and implement our networks can be critical. Max Ardica has been working on design guides so we can get on top of the question and the potential pitfalls.


Tough job…but someone has to put all of the above together…so what about those notes?

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