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NHL Fans: The Smartest Fans on the Planet

Despite some bizarre hockey fan habits, hats on ice, rats on ice, and octopi on ice, the NHL considers their fan base the smartest and most tech savvy in the world. BizWiseTV ventured out into the fan fest during the 2010 NHL Entry Draft to find out! Watch what hockey fans had to say about following their favorite sport.

Bizarre Hockey Fan Traditions:

Rats on Ice: Florida Panther’s fans started throwing plastic rats on the ice in 1996. During that year, Panthers’ winger, Scott Mellanby, jabbed and killed a rat running through the dressing room with his stick. He scored two goals that game and the tradition began.

Hats on Ice: Hockey fans everywhere celebrate a player scoring three goals in a game, which is called a hat trick, by throwing their hats onto the ice. A “natural hat trick” is when a player scores three goals in a row – with no goals by the other team in between. By tradition, the hats are donated to charity.

Octopus On Ice: For nearly 50 years, hockey fans in Detroit have been throwing octopi on to the ice after a big win by the Red Wings. In 1996, the largest octopus thrown in Joe Louis Arena was 50 lbs. and rode the hood of the Zamboni in between periods.

Watch NHL, COO, John Collins share how technology enhances the fan experience.

What’s your favorite experience as a hockey fan?

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Data Center for Networking Geeks

Jimmy Ray Sez

Jimmy Ray Sez "Learn Data Center"

Jimmy Ray, fresh from his roadshow through India solo’d a great run through a new workshop on how to understand Data Center. The value and the benefits to your career are becoming more obvious every day.   The technologies can appear daunting at first as like all new things…it’s new.  But you may be very surprised to see how many things you actually already know and how quickly they can be applied to a set of knowledge that is only going up in demand.   Read More »

What is your Passion?

We all have great ideas, but how many do we take action on?

What do you get when you combine passion, heart, a recognizable need and a camera?   Many things really…but one worth pointing out here is the Uncultured Project.


So what is ‘The Uncultured Project’?
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Overlay Transport Virtualization – Video Podcast

Ben BaslerOne of the more interesting developments for virtualization in the data center involves how we embrace layer 2.  One of our more popular segments from episode 69 (Data Center Interconnect Made Simple) featured the technical stylings of Ben Basler walking us through Overlay Transport Virtualization.

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Virtualization and Cisco Unified Communications

New FriendsCisco Data Center – Meet Cisco UC & Collaboration…you two will be working together a lot more now…

Inevitable really – I think we are going to continue to see a lot more of Cisco’s software running on top of our data center innovation…it stands to reason of course, we want you to buy it…so why would we not use it?  That’s the cynical answer – the reality is that makes more sense than you may realize. 


Simple headlines conveniently overlook the details…but that is where we come in!  This latest episode of TechWiseTV is full of geeky goodness and you have arrived at the shownotes. Details, links and all the specifics are below the fold – 

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