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Business Video: the New Change Agent

Viva la Video Revolution?  Has business been left behind?

 It is amazingly simple to shoot video and put it on a website these days.  This has lead to an explosion of both bad content and an underestimation of how hard ‘good’ video can be when trying to use these awesome tools within a business environment.   This is not just about good storytelling and all the little details that can derail you…but also the hard technology facts about differing formats, screen sizes, distribution realities, security and control required to be successful and safe. 

Business Video: Mastering the New Change Agent” premiers live on July 15 at 10 AM PST, 1 PM EST Don’t miss it!   



 There are several ‘Keys to the Show’ to watch out for: 

  • Workflow
  • Business Ready
  • True Genius
  • Trust Me
  • Are you Ready? 

 More details abound in the segment-by-segment shownotes below.

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Tellling Better Stories with Video

Video CameraFor those of us wanting to use video as a presentation and communication tool…what are some simple things we can do better?

I have access to some great tools and people to help tell the stories I take part in…so I have to be careful how I answer these questions.  But here is my list – I really would like you to share yours in the comments below.  (we are featuring a full epiosde on new company-wide tools and abilities Cisco now offers to customers…watch ‘Business Video: Master the new Change Agent’ this Thursday).

Planning. Pre-planning specifically.

 ‘Plan the shoot…then shoot the plan’ they always say – even for the simplest of videos, too many people jump straight to simply pointing and shooting  – what happens?  A less than ideal video is produced that generally runs way too long and never makes a clean point to your audience.  I often feel I never spend enough time on this one…but deadlines come up and we need them or we would never get anything done…

Cisco is fortunate to have the ‘World’s Most Interesting Intern’ on staff…and although his now infamous video is primarily one long shot…you know he had to plan (write) that rap…he’s quite good…

One part of that pre-planning processes here for Tip Number Two – pick a good location to shoot.  


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Simplify Routing with IPv6 Static Routes

That’s right kids…its another ‘In the Lab’ released (yesterday) on our podcast channel (opens iTunes).

Simplify Routing with IPv6 Static Routes

Question for you

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I See a Cius: Big Announcement at Cisco Live!

Wow! Did you see that one coming? At John Chamber’s keynote here in Las Vegas, the Cisco Voice Technology Group announced we are finalizing an enterprise-class tablet computer.

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Detect Bad Links in Milliseconds

This weeks in the lab features Jimmy Ray showcasing the awesomeness of the UDLD protocol for detecting unidirectional links:

If you like these videos, 

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