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Best of TechWiseTV 2010 – Vote Now!

Ok, now is the time to get your votes in…three top notch shows have been elevated as nominee’s for our ‘Best of 2010’ on TechWiseTV.  What is your favorite? Leave your preference in the comments.

You can watch them instantly in their entirety if you are one of the few that missed any – I have included one preview here, the rest are after the jump along with a few personal observations.

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5 Strategies for when the Kids have no School

Don't Interrupt Daddy

I really do love my home office.  I love the commute up the stairs.  I love the all the little things that make it ‘my little productivity cave.’  I love my kids too of course but when they are home from school for a day or even a they are this week, I rely on the strategies I have developed over time.   My hope for today’s blog post is that you will help me expand my tool set.

Five Strategies for Remaining Productive

5. “Daddy’s on a Conference Call” – now this can work in the office too – it requires training over a time period that will fluctuate depending on how old your kids are (same for the office too by the way).  It really helps to have a visual indicator – I just leave my headset on all day and if one of them comes in, I sit up straight, tighten up my face a bit (its a stressful call for Daddy) and often hold up a single ‘shush’ finger.   Bonus point – don’t ever look them in the eye…your just inviting a ‘quick question.’

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Cisco ASR, Quantum Flow and the Way Back Machine

Our recent coverage of the Borderless Technology launch (Episode 78 ‘Optimizing Application Velocity’) included an update on the new family of ASR’s.  It prompted a visit to the way-back machine when we hosted the man credited with developed the proc – Michael Beesley. Its a fun, technical review you can watch below.

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ISSU and the Crazy Professor

This has to be one of my favorite ‘In the Lab’ podcasts from Jimmy Ray – not only did he tie in a great dream sequence from a previous show we did but I believe he may have set new records for ‘lack of grooming’.  You know what…with such great information packed into a short form video…who cares! Neither of us got hired for our good looks and this is a great bit of learning that you don’t want to miss.

ISSU was one of the first “how’d they do that?” questions Jimmy Ray wanted to get answered when he came over from HP over five years ago.  It was impressive what we could then…and it has only gotten better.

For more on ISSU

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TechWiseTV and Application Velocity

Welcome to the shownotes for TechWiseTV 78: Borderless Networks: Optimizing Application Velocity.  Have you seen the show yet?  It is live starting 10 AM PST November 11. All the talk about ‘cloud’ and ‘virtual this and that…’ from your servers to your desktops…its the renaissance we have all been told about before it seems. What is the most important ‘make or break’ reality ALL of us have to live with? Three Areas: (1) User Experience, (2) Resource Utilization, (3) Application Reliability.

Here is a cheesy preview:

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