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Overlay Transport Virtualization – Video Podcast

Ben BaslerOne of the more interesting developments for virtualization in the data center involves how we embrace layer 2.  One of our more popular segments from episode 69 (Data Center Interconnect Made Simple) featured the technical stylings of Ben Basler walking us through Overlay Transport Virtualization.

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Virtualization and Cisco Unified Communications

New FriendsCisco Data Center – Meet Cisco UC & Collaboration…you two will be working together a lot more now…

Inevitable really – I think we are going to continue to see a lot more of Cisco’s software running on top of our data center innovation…it stands to reason of course, we want you to buy it…so why would we not use it?  That’s the cynical answer – the reality is that makes more sense than you may realize. 


Simple headlines conveniently overlook the details…but that is where we come in!  This latest episode of TechWiseTV is full of geeky goodness and you have arrived at the shownotes. Details, links and all the specifics are below the fold – 

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Master Cisco Network Devices

UR Watching

Welcome to the shownotes for our CiscoLive show code named – How to become a ‘Network Whisperer’.   This must be one of our most hands on, value-packed shows in quite awhile.  It was fun to make as I hope you will see throughout the show and the engineering talent was off the charts.   If you have not actually seen the show yet… please check out the trailer and then click on over to register and watch!
One of the problems with network management software is that it is not flexible enough and certainly not as portable as engineers need it to be. But truthfully, that is also the problem with IOS features as well. While, IOS gives us a ton of features, engineers always find the one feature, that one bump that a network device needs to solve a problem. In the past, this has been accomplished with external scripting but that has its limits. How about using the actual network devices themselves as your platform.  As you will soon see, this native access opens a world of opportunity and flexibility that you would never attempt otherwise. 
In this show we are looking at the emergence of the embedded network experience and how to make your network not only borderless, but limitless as well.
I have a question however and I need your input.

This show represented a very hands on capability with many many examples of how you, as a user of our products, can tweak and modify these device to fit your particular need. It was a surprise to me that Cisco stands alone in doing this.  In other words, its a lot of work to expose this type of access to customers and this whole show represents incredible benefits for users of these products.  The more open you make something, the more potential for issues it would seem so why did Cisco do this? 

I circled back around on this subject with Jimmy Ray as one of our final discussion points in the show (past the one hour mark….about 1:05).  I will be the first to admit I may not have worded the question very clearly, but some have interpreted the discussion that followed as being a negative to Cisco.  Watch this part closely as the show ends, what do you think?  Was this a poor way to end the show?  Did the uniqueness of what Cisco did here get lost? 



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Data Center Fabric of Tomorrow

This was a really fun show to do.  We certainly hope that comes across in the video…but for the first time ever, we wanted to capture TWO entire shows while at the conference.  This Data Center launch is just the first one. First and foremost…depending on how you arrived at our little web real-estate here…have you seen the show?  Register now and watch this episode right now so these notes will make more sense!

Cisco FabricPath was the big topic on this one…but there was so much more to talk about as Big Data Center Announcements were featured throughout the week – as usual, we wanted to bring you the details!

Check out the Preview clip here to whet your appetite..but read on below for more of the detailed notes.

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Understanding Control Plane Policing

In the Lab is out for this week with ITL Episode 280 on our podcast channel (opens iTunes).

Defend network devices with Control Plane Policing

What is it that we are really policing?

Understanding the PUNT Path can help you on this.

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