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Network Monitoring and Security

We have two podcasts to update you on – one is concerning web security with IronPort and the other is on Network Monitoring with NetOptics.  I encourage you to subscribe to our podcasts using RSS or simply via iTunes if that is your aggregator of choice.  Although the focus of this NetOptics interview is NOT on security…I think it always an interesting argument. First, watch this overview with Dennis from NetOptics – they do some interesting things at some very high speeds.

I have actually always enjoyed the relationship between the two disciplines in that I think a pretty credible argument can be made as follows:

Should you be more focused on ‘prevention’ and perhaps have an unrealistic faith in your security or perhaps put an equal or greater amount of investment in the ability to ‘detect’ a breach or other issue.  This interview Jimmy Ray did was on some recent expansion with IronPort and their ability to address the increasingly dangerous nature of your web traffic. 

What are your thoughts? Are they two sides of the same coin?

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