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Data Driven Control Freaks Unite!

imageNew show airing this Thursday – please don’t miss TWTV 44 – Network Management: The Rest of the Story Should we doing a show on Network Management? Based on the responses for this blog as well as what Jimmy Ray got on his Network World blog…great feedback. Jimmy Ray’s Blog Entry: “Network Management Sucks” – Ton’s of great conversation ensuedLooking for Show Notes? Segment 1 — Network Management 101Segment 2 — Making it Easier in HardwareSegment 3 — Cisco Works LMS — what it is, where do you start?Segment 4 – From Passive through Active to AutomaticSegment 1 – Network Management 101No magic bulletsFundamentals – NMS – ‘Systems’DATA:Collect, Process, AutomateStart with some goalsFCAPS (NMS for Networking People…not people doing NMS full time)F – Fault ManagementC – ConfigurationA – AccountingP – Performance ManagentS – SecuritySegment 2 – NAM – Network Analysis ModuleNetwork Management that Doesn’t Suck:My first question to the product team was; “What type of NIC does it have to handle the workload?” How about a two port 10GB Packet Processing Engine optimized with a onboard 2GB buffer, onboard processing/filtering and 10nSec timestamping. That’ll work! I took the NAM 2220 and starting trying to break its back in my lab…Podcast: Three-Dimensional Network Analysis with Engineering Guest Vikram PrabhakarSNMP – Security is Not my ProblemSNMPv3: A Security Enhancement for SNMPWilliam Stallings MintsSegment 3 – CiscoWorks LMSGuest: Mark EmmersonLMS – LAN Management System (Product Page)RME – Resource Manager EssentialsPodcast with Engineer Tejas Shah“Enhancing Productivity with CiscoWorks LMS”Managing Cisco Catalyst Modular Switches Using CiscoWorks LMS(including what is new with 3.X)CiscoWorksSegment 4 – The Rest of the StorySpecial Guest, Tejas Shah, Technical Marketing EngineerTop 5 Changes in LMS 3 that you should be using or aware of: NEW UI extensibility and single click operations PSIRT CLI Push – Product Security Incident Report integration relevant for the products you are actually using. EoX reporting – know if any devices are getting close to retirementBest Practices Deviation – gap analysis of what is considered idealTroubleshooting wizard – Smart Call Home – little video we grabbed at CiscoWorks last year as they were announcing this very cool capability – take it away Tim Johnson!d> Learning @CiscoThe Value of Certifications when the job market is tough.Jimmy Ray had a great blog on ‘A Career in IT’

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