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Cisco IT Data Center Experience

I always find the Cisco on Cisco information fascinating and I think it is great that we continue to invest in getting stories like this documented…there are many of course.  My official office (outside of my home office) is technically our Richardson, TX campus and I watched from afar as they built Richardson 9 into this incredible data center. They never let me in but they consistently churned out updates and very nice overviews internal and external as to what was happening and why.  There is an amazing amount of detail here presented in a very futuristic manner…but I do think it is highly valuable if you have any interest in Data Center and some insight into how Cisco ‘eats its own cooking.’

Check out this just released, interactive visit to not just the Richardson facility but great stuff on Cisco’s over arching strategy here as we work to ‘walk the talk.’ 

Do you find this information helpful? Does it come across as a good way to share information about what we do or does it feel like a veiled marketing angle?  I hope it appears as sincere as I know it is intended…but curious what you think.

Cisco IT Data Center Experience

Cisco on Cisco has launched an interactive data center user experience that is unlike any other.  With over thirty embedded video modules, visitors get an inside look at the Richardson Data Center from the perspective of Cisco IT leaders and architects.


Cisco IT Data Center Experience

You know, our customers, even folks that are not our customers, are always interested what Cisco IT is up to.  Our IT strategy is intrinsic to our business strategy and folks are always curious to know what is working and what is not working.  Now, if you have every been lucky enough to hear folks like Rebecca Jacoby or Sidney Morgan talk, you know our IT org is a big believer in transparency and will happily share both our successes and learning experiences.  To that end, we have recently released the Cisco IT Data Center Experience.

The website takes you behind the scenes of Cisco’s global data center environment with a chance to hear from the folks responsible for long-term planning and strategy, architecture and operations and implementation.  There are over 30 videos on a broad range of topics–pretty much something for everyone.


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