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I have been working in, on, around, or in the depths of computer networks professionally for over 20 years. Before that I was programming, hacking, and just generally messing about with computers, modems, bulletin boards, and networks since I got my first computer at age eight: an Apple IIc with all the accoutrements. In that time I have managed to break a good many things, fix many other things, and have seen a lot of the good, bad, and just plain odd underbellies of the computer world. As such, writing about some of it seems to make a certain level of sense.

I write, or have written, in several programming languages, beginning with LOGO on the Apple IIc, Basic, TurboPascal, C, C++, Perl, Javascript, and most recently Python, have been certified (or certifiable) in everything from Novell CNE to Microsoft MCSE, to various Cisco certifications. I am currently pursuing my CCIE in Route-Switch and have a large lab at home to facilitate that, as well as my obsessive need to play with technology and learn things.

I spend most of my time these days in a strategy role, translating between the business needs of my company and the incredible IT Team I manage. I'm an avid watcher of industry trends and a returning (read: old) student of Computer Science and Business at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. In what little spare time I have, I'm interested in sailing, general aviation, wood working, photography, theoretical physics, my family, and anything else that I find to be fun at the time.

I can be found online in a variety of places, scribbling whatever nonsense comes to mind, but the two most likely places are my personal blog and Twitter: @SomeClown
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