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Stacey Arthur

Global Marketing Specialist - State & Local Government
GMCC Public Sector Segment Marketing

Stacey joined Cisco’s global public sector marketing team in 2012 and is responsible for creating content and messaging that is relevant to our state and local government customers. This venture requires listening to our customers’ insights and addressing their specific business issues, as well as gathering customer input through executed research projects and from social media forums.

Prior to Stacey’s current role with Cisco, she spent four years working in the public sector, first in technology sales within the government and education spaces, and later as an E-Rate funding expert. She started her career in sales, marketing, and customer alignment in the mobile device industry in 1999, where she worked in sales and retail sales management for seven years.

Stacey holds a BA in English from the University of Utah. She is also currently enrolled at the University of Utah, working towards and MBA. When not working, Stacey enjoys running, reading, traveling, and most of all, spending time with her family.

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