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Song Toh

Product Manager
Cisco Prime Service Catalog

Song Bac Toh is the product manager for the Cisco Prime Service Catalog, an enterprise software product that is used by enterprise IT as well as service providers to provide storefront for services to the end users.  This product was adopted by over 100 large enterprises and service providers, hosting services from employee onboarding, laptop requests, virtual machines provisioning and ordering employee badges.  The service catalog is also the portal on which the Intelligent Automation for Cloud was built.

Song has managed IT and healthcare enterprise software products, as well as handled highly scalable eCommerce platform challenges.  With experience at mature companies as well as startups, Song drives products forward via innovation, breaking down barriers and delivering value to customers and end users. 

Having grown up in Asia, college educated in the US, and received his graduate degree in France, Song enjoys traveling, running and learning about other cultures.

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