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Smita Dave

Smita Dave is a marketing specialist with expertise in Enterprise and Public Sector Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Digital Media, Business Communications and online and offline strategies focused on new business creation. Smita has been with Cisco for over 5 years leading global field marketing strategies for Smart+Connected Communities and Enterprise initiatives and prior to that Public Sector and Enterprise Marketing for Cisco India. With over 18 years of experience in holistic marketing and communications, Smita has been an integral part of major conglomerates like Symantec and Hughes Software Systems, prior to Cisco. Smita is also a writer with book reviews, articles, stories published in several newspapers and magazines of name.

Smita lives in San Jose, California with her husband and son who is a budding engineer. Smita is an MBA, Diplomate in Mass Communications and Masters in Child Development.

Outside of work: Smita enjoys writing on new media platforms, beach vacations and ballroom dancing. You can follow Smita on Twitter!/davesmita

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