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Raghunath Nambiar

Chief Technology Officer

Raghu Nambiar helps define strategies for next generation architectures, systems and datacenter solutions, as well as leads a team of engineers and product leaders focused on emerging technologies and solutions. He has played an instrumental role in accelerating the growth of Cisco UCS to a top datacenter compute platform. Raghu was previously a Cisco distinguished engineer and chief architect of big data and analytics solution engineering responsible for incubating and growing it to a mainstream portfolio. He brings years of technical accomplishments with significant expertise in system architecture, performance engineering, and creating disruptive technology solutions.

Raghu represents Cisco at various standards bodies for system performance. He has served on several industry standard committees for performance evaluation, program committees of leading academic conferences, and chaired the industry’s first standards committee for benchmarking big data systems. Raghu is a member of the IEEE big data steering committee, SPEC Research, board of directors of the Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC), and founding chair of International Conference Series on Performance Evaluation and Benchmarking. He has published 50+ peer-reviewed papers and book chapters, 10 books in Lecture Series in Computer Science (LNCS), and five patents allowed by the USPTO and 10+ pending.

Prior to Cisco, Raghu was an Architect at Hewlett-Packard responsible for several industry-first and disruptive technology solutions and a decade of performance benchmark leadership. Raghu holds master’s degrees from University of Massachusetts and Goa University and completed an advanced management program from Stanford University.

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