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Peter J Welcher

Networking Consultant

Guest Blogger

Dr. Pete Welcher has been doing networking since 1993, worked on the original Cisco IOS CLI, taught a lot of the Cisco courses from 1994-2001 as CCSI, also developed or co-developed several Cisco courses over the years. He currently works for and is part owner in Chesapeake NetCraftsmen, a highly skilled Cisco Gold Partner with about 30 employees in the DC / Baltimore area. Pete now does primarily consulting, and has worked with a large number of large and small organizations, trying to deliver impressive value to every customer. He has been blogging about networking since around 1996. The blogs frequently reflect interesting situations encountered while consulting.

Pete also taught the Nexus class about once a month for a while, 2010-2012. Current strong interests are Data Center, Design, Route/Switch.

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