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Lauren Cooney

Sr. Director, Strategic Programs
Chief Technology & Architecture Office


Lauren & her team are tasked with building and scaling product marketing, messaging, GTM, community & developer strategy for multiple products and solutions at Cisco for the new central networking software group, which delivers not only IOS but many offerings across all of Cisco. She works closely with Eric’s team of architects to map customer & developer needs to that of the larger architecture strategy they own framing for the company. She joined Cisco recently from Juniper Networks where she led the team that built the Juniper Developer Network, ran product marketing for Junos Space Platform & Junos & Junos Space SDKs, and built the first deck on “Programmable Networks,” as her fundamental belief is that user experience and accessibility/extension of information at networking layers can (and will be very soon) easier and more intuitive for multiple users of many skill-sets.

Before Lauren was lured into the mix of physical & virtual worlds, she led Web Platform & Standards for Microsoft, where her team built the Microsoft Web Platform and PMed the (brilliant) engineering team that brought not just PHP but also open source applications like Drupal and Wordpress to Windows & IIS. Her team was responsible for product management & marketing, campaign efforts, field enablement, PR/AR strategy and more for Windows Server (Web), IIS, ASP.NET, PHP and the Windows Web App Gallery. Prior to that she was in the CTO’s office for Information Management banging on Web Services, APIs and working with great folks figuring out just how much data could be extracted from DB2 and how Hadoop fit into that interesting and very new big data picture. Before that, she was at BEA Systems building dev2dev and learning about IDEs and Servers by sitting in bean-bag chairs in engineers’ offices, where she fully credits the WebLogic team for her passion and much of her education around technology.

Lauren focuses on user trends and seeing how technology can adapt to users in new ways, whether it be conventional or not. You can follow her on Twitter (, SlideShare ( or find her on LinkedIn (

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