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Jagdish Girimaji

Jagdish Girimaji

Product Manager
Mobility Services Engine

Jagdish is a Senior Product-Line Manager in ENG responsible for Mobility Services & Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX). He has a rich history of experience in Wireless LAN at Cisco over the last 11 years.

- Led the launch of outdoor APs – BR1300 & BR1400, controller blade in the Cat6K – WiSM and controller module for ISR –WLCM.

- Led the launch of Mobility Services Engine (MSE), WIPS service & CMX.


- Jagdish has been an invited speaker at many indoor location conferences.

- 1 Patent approved at USPTO and three are pending in the areas of wireless and security

- Prior to joining Cisco Jagdish was a Business Development Manager at CellNet Data Systems, a smart grid company that was acquired by Schlumberger.

Jagdish has a certificate in Marketing from UC Berkeley & Masters in Electrical Engineering from the University of Manitoba, Canada.

Spends his weekends hiking, gardening & with family.

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