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Isaac Naor

SVP & Chief Technology Officer
Ping Mobile
Guest Blogger

A creative technologist, Isaac Naor uses his dual expertise in design and technology to optimize social and mobile marketing for an evolving digital world.Naor is Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Ping Mobile, where he works daily to expand the salability and efficiency of mobile marketing platforms and services for a diverse clientele including Fortune 1000 companies. As the communication conduit between creative and technical teams, Naor ensures his innovative strategies achieve the perfect balance between usability and functionality. His recent projects include hyperlocal mobile rich-media campaigns that double interaction rates, and text message-based CRM platforms that allow tier-one mobile carriers and their SMB clients to connect with audiences on both personal and scalable terms.Naor specializes in reimagining existing virtual and physical products to meet the needs of our ever-changing technological ecosystem. Whether developing new products and applications or carefully curating relevant content to enhance user experience and adoption, he advances a client’s digital reach by engaging audiences in new, interactive ways. Naor enjoys using his multifaceted point of view to solve technological limitations facing diverse industries including healthcare, CPGs, entertainment and luxury goods.Naor has lent his creative technology expertise and trend forecasting capabilities to publications including The New York Times and Mobile Marketer, and contributes regularly to numerous industry blogs including Cisco Blogs. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing, Business Administration and Economics from California State University of Los Angeles and an Associate Degree in Accounting.

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