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Frank Brockners

Distinguished Engineer
Cisco’s central network software organization


Frank Brockners is Distinguished Engineer in Cisco's Network Operating Systems Technology Group, leading the architecture development for Software Defined Networks and Cisco's Open Network Environment. Since his days as a researcher, his professional interests center on distributed systems, the evolution of Ethernet, network policy and identity control, multicast and IPv6. Frank, who is a 14-year Cisco veteran, holds a M.Sc./diploma degree in Electrical Engineering (Aachen, University of Technology, Germany; 1994) as well as a Ph.D./Dr. degree in Information Science (University of Cologne, Germany; 1999). When traveling, you can find Frank attending standards meetings such as the IETF and ONF, presenting at conferences and industry events, such as CiscoLive, where he is recognized as a distinguished speaker, or negotiating his way up a rock or ice face of a mountain.

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